June 6, 20133 Comments

Video of chengguan bully beating and stomping on victim angers Chinese

A video of five chengguan (city management) officers manhandling bicycle vendors has shocked and outraged Chinese netizens, bringing the age-old topic of highly abusive chengguan force back into spotlight. In the video, a man was knocked down onto the ground by the five chengguan officers in uniform in a violent brawl. One officer then jumped [...]

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November 21, 20123 Comments

Chengguan officer taking huge bribes says he was too afraid to turn them down

Source: Southern Weekend The head of a local urban management team in the southern city of Guangzhou has been detained on allegations of accepting multimillion-yuan bribes. At court on November 15, he said that he did not dare turn down the bribes for fear of offending some people. He also blamed the system for nourishing [...]

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August 7, 2012One Comment

Shenyang’s law enforcement units gang up on small businesses for hefty fines? All stores close in panic

Multiple Chinese discussion forums and social media report that almost all small businesses in Shenyang, particularly those run by owners with no connection with the government, have put up the shutters to avoid sudden raids, detention and hefty fines. The police blitz on such a large scale is believed to be an effort to collect [...]

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May 22, 20125 Comments

Photos: Chinese man protesting forced demolition crushed to death by backhoe

From NetEase A resident in northeast China was brutally killed on May 15 when he tried to stop his home from being razed by the government-employed demolition team. The operator of the heavy equipment also died a horrific death. Li Baolin and his wife Yu Shuyun had been pig farmers in Saertu District on the [...]

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May 8, 20129 Comments

Brazilian beaten by thieves for stopping crime, as dozens of Chinese and 2 chengguan look on

From NetEase As a pickpocket snuck his hands into a woman’s handbag, a Brazilian man intervened to stop the theft. His act riled the thief and his two accomplices, all of whom ganged up to assault him with sticks and leather belts. About two dozens of passersby stood by and watched with folded arms. Two [...]

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February 23, 20123 Comments

Video: 8-year-old goes hysterical after seeing his mother beaten by chengguan

A video clip has been circulating on Chinese internet, in which a woman has blood all over her face after she was beaten by a law enforcer. Her son lost control at the sight and kept screaming and wailing for about a minute while thumping and pushing a table. Original video on Youku The chengguan [...]

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July 26, 20119 Comments

Chinese parapolice kill handicapped street vendor in daylight, use brutal violence against spectators

The violent enforcement took place at 1:43 p.m. on July 26 in Anshui, southwestern Guizhou province. The street vendor who sold fruit was a disabled man hobbling along on a crutch while pulling a cart. Information from MOP and Sina Microblog provided by netizens said the murderers were two men and one woman from a [...]

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July 21, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Street vendors strip off pants of parapolice chengguan officer

On the afternoon of July 16, a chengguan officer surnamed Han was besieged by street vendors in Wuhan, Hubei province, given a beating and stripped off of pants. The job of the city management “chengguan” forces in China is to regulate street vendors and outlaw those without a license or permit. Chengguan in China are [...]

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May 16, 20113 Comments

Pretty Chinese women challenge parapolice chengguan bully

On early morning of May 15, a microblog user uploaded several photos of a public denouncement spearheaded by several chic young women against a city management enforcer (nicknamed in China as chengguan). The post was shared by nearly 8,000 users, and almost all comments heap praises on the heroines. The old man (in blue at the center with [...]

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May 11, 20117 Comments

Xia Junfeng, a killer that the nation has pity for

From China Youth Daily Xia Junfeng and his wife have been poor all their life. Xia was laid off from a state-owned electric machinery factory and did several temporary jobs. His wife Zhang Jing worked as a cleaning lady at a hotel and a baker at a kindergarten. They have pinned their hope on their [...]

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April 2, 20112 Comments

Chinese parody newspaper for April Fools’ Day censored by authorities

NetEase, one of China’s biggest web portals, published Happy Times on March 31 for April Fools’ Day. The parody newspaper, similar in style to The Onion, is laden with witty and scalding sarcasm. The spoof news stories nailed most social maladies and problems. However, several hours after its publication, it was removed from NetEase’ web [...]

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February 18, 2011One Comment

Chinese police mimic Michael Jackson’s and Korean Wonder Girls’ dance moves

The official Beijing police embedded this video in their microblog message via their Sina account ‘Peaceful Beijing’ (平安北京) as greetings for Chinese Lantern Festival, or the last day of Chinese New Year. Most of the 300 plus commenters applauded their moves, saying the dance is happy and cute, whereas a fraction said it is amateurish.

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December 4, 20104 Comments

Funny dance by Chinese chengguan (city management personnel) makes a mark; netizens comment

Unblocked version here Jing’s note: Chengguan, or China’s city management and law enforcement personnel, are notorious in China for often brutally and inhumanely treating street vendors and tramps, sometimes by beating them and other times by destroying their businesses, and driving them away. Chinese people in chorus detests the powerful and sympathize with the bullied and [...]

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December 1, 20103 Comments

Amazing! Unable to afford rent, Beijing vagabond builds and lives in an “egg” home

Beijing vagabond, a literal translation for the Chinese word beipiao, refers to the group of people who do not have a Beijing hukou (permanent residence), who migrated to Beijing from other places of China seeking opportunities and better life. Beipiao is also a life style of being a drifter in Beijing. Dai Haifei, 24, has [...]

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November 30, 20102 Comments

Parody Video featuring the “Warrior Song”, dedicated to Chinese chengguan (City Management Law Enforcement); netizens’ reaction

Chengguan, or China’s city management and law enforcement personnel, are notorious in China for often brutally and inhumanely treating street vendors and tramps, sometimes by beating them and other times by destroying their businesses, and driving them away. Chinese people in chorus detests the powerful and sympathize with the bullied and the weak. THE WARRIOR [...]

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November 22, 20103 Comments

100-year-old ragpicking granny on the tramp for decades, homeless and childless; netizens’ comments

From At noon on November 17, 2010, an old woman walking on South Wenchang Road in Guiyang with heavy waste paper cartons on her back. It captured the eyes of passers-by including me. “Granny, you are not young, and you carry things so heavy?” The old woman didn’t reply right way. Instread, she took [...]

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