August 28, 2013No Comments

6-year-old boy has eyes gouged out after being drugged, corneas missing

Source: IFENG Screen grab of a local television report. Headline reads, “Cruel! 6-year-old Child Has Eyes Gouged Out” A 6-year-old Chinese boy in central China had his eyes gouged out after the perpetrator abducted the child away from home into the middle of nowhere and drugged him. The boy, still hospitalized, is not in any [...]

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February 8, 20114 Comments

Chinese professor creates microblog to end child-abduction and forced child beggars

If you watched the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, you are unlikely to forget that in the film, many homeless Indian children were tricked and trained into becoming beggars. Such brutalities and cruelties are going on in China as well. Every day, underground gangs kidnap children and torture and mutilate them into their milch cows. As [...]

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