August 28, 2013No Comments

6-year-old boy has eyes gouged out after being drugged, corneas missing

Source: IFENG Screen grab of a local television report. Headline reads, “Cruel! 6-year-old Child Has Eyes Gouged Out” A 6-year-old Chinese boy in central China had his eyes gouged out after the perpetrator abducted the child away from home into the middle of nowhere and drugged him. The boy, still hospitalized, is not in any [...]

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November 13, 20122 Comments

Boy defecates on Guangzhou’s subway train

A photo of a boy around the age of 10 defecating inside a subway train carriage has been circulating like a wildfire since it was posted Saturday. The majority of Chinese netizens were dumbfounded and vehemently criticized the boy and his parent, who, according to a witness, stood by during the entire process and did [...]

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April 26, 2012One Comment

Chinese rural children malnourished, anemic and poisoned

Additional sources: People’s Daily Online, Southern Weekend, China News Approximately 40 percent of children in rural China are stunted as a result of maternal and childhood malnutrition, according to a 2009 UNICEF report.  Corruption and incompetence at the local level have only made the matter worse by sickening even more children. In Gaohan Village, Yunnan [...]

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February 24, 2012No Comments

Photos: An auspicious day for Chinese toddlers to get shaved, and cry.

From AFinance The second day of the second month on the Chinese lunar calendar, and, superstitiously, the day on which the dragon raises its head (龙抬头), signifying an uptick in the luck. On this day, Chinese people, young and old, often flock to either old-school barbershops or modern hair salons to get a hair-cut. For [...]

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February 23, 20123 Comments

Video: 8-year-old goes hysterical after seeing his mother beaten by chengguan

A video clip has been circulating on Chinese internet, in which a woman has blood all over her face after she was beaten by a law enforcer. Her son lost control at the sight and kept screaming and wailing for about a minute while thumping and pushing a table. Original video on Youku The chengguan [...]

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February 2, 20122 Comments

*Graphic* Children’s bodies discovered under bridge; hundreds look on

From NetEase A divorced father who wanted to visit his 4-year-old daughter during the Chinese New Year was told by his ex-wife that she had died and was already buried. Grief-stricken and suspicious of the cause of her death, he called the police and found the person who handled her daughter’s body. Police investigating the [...]

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January 2, 201210 Comments

What do Chinese people envision as the best life?

What kind of life do Chinese people desire the most in the new year? The news documentary featuring interviews with six ordinary Chinese people from all walks of life was produced by Chinese news portal Net Ease as a tribute to year 2011 and translated into English by Ministry of Tofu.

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December 2, 20112 Comments

Child with AIDS ‘jailed’ at orphanage for three years, looking for adopter

From IFENG The three-and-a-half-year-old tot is able to use a spoon and have a meal himself. He loves to bounce up and down on the bed. He smiles when he sees strangers and calls them “uncle” or “auntie.” This boy, who looks as ordinary as any toddler his age, can only stay in a confined [...]

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September 22, 20118 Comments

Photos: Lunch is a luxury and rarity to China’s rural children, and you can help them.

Previously, one Ministry of Tofu post noted that in many Chinese rural villages, schools do not have a standard dining hall. School children from poor families bring raw rice, soybeans, Chinese cabbage and salt to school and steam them for meals. Only a handful of students from slightly better-off families can afford lard and cured meat. Some families [...]

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July 12, 20117 Comments

Video: 7-year-old Chinese girl uses violence against cousin, cheered by father

(From Recently, a video of a 7-year-old girl bullying her cousin of the same age has become viral on Chinese internet. The girl’s father, who is the brother of the little boy’s mother, stood aside and cheered the girl, who had clearly gained the upper hand, while videotaping the entire episode. The girl, emboldened [...]

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April 25, 2011One Comment

Photos: Lessons teaching Chinese kids to be ladies and gentlemen

A community in Hefei, capital city of Anhui province, opened a weekly class in its recreation center and invited a teacher who specializes in teaching etiquette to educate children on how to become a lady or a gentleman.

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March 29, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Chinese rural kids’ invariable staple

Kids stand together and have soybeans mixed with rice for lunch In several rural villages of Du’an Yao Ethnic Autonomous County, Guangxi province, most boarding schools do not have a standard dining hall. School children have to bring raw rice, soybeans, Chinese cabbage and salt to school and steam them for meals. Only a handful [...]

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March 14, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: China’s future?

The post-2000 generation teaches you the core value of the society: You gotta have power, strength, women and money!

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March 7, 20112 Comments

12-year-old leukemia patient dies; mother plans to return remainder of donation to public

From NetEase and IFENG She was dubbed “grateful girl,” because after she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the end of 2009 and received donation from her school, she felt obliged to express her gratitude. She went back to school to thank classmates and teachers who helped her, and in front of the entire [...]

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February 8, 20114 Comments

Chinese professor creates microblog to end child-abduction and forced child beggars

If you watched the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, you are unlikely to forget that in the film, many homeless Indian children were tricked and trained into becoming beggars. Such brutalities and cruelties are going on in China as well. Every day, underground gangs kidnap children and torture and mutilate them into their milch cows. As [...]

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February 5, 20117 Comments

13-year-old theft addict handcuffed and leashed by parents

From NetEase On January 27 in Shanghai, Little Peng was chained to a chair by her parents in their mom-and-pop noodles making store. Little Peng is often chained 24 hours a day and is only let loose when she goes to the restroom in company with her mother. Talking about their daughter, the father and mother felt [...]

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February 1, 20117 Comments

Chinese New Year, time for family reunion, except for homeless and abandoned children

From Southern Weekend At a shelter in the city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, 17 children are going to celebrate the beginning of the Year of Rabbit at its Protection Center for Homeless Children. Among the 17 kids, the youngest is 4 years old, and the oldest is aged 14. The newest comer arrived just a [...]

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January 27, 20112 Comments

Chinese Little Match Girl’s New Year wishes

Source: Sina&Youku Her name is Wang Xiaoxing, which in Chinese means Little Star. She is a second grader at a primary school in the city of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Her parents are truck farmers from Pizhou, Jiangsu. They now live in Jiangning, a district administered by Nanjing but rather far away from the city, and [...]

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January 24, 20112 Comments

January 12, 20116 Comments

Chinese rural schoolchildren brave cold snap’s icy weather; netizens’ comments

From NetEase and QQ Hit by icy rain and freezing temperatures, regions in China’s southwest, such as Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou Provinces, have declared a state of emergency. Schools in the worst-hit areas have suspended classes, closed, postponed final exams, or begun the winter vacation earlier than usual. However, because roads leading to schools in [...]

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