Chinese New Year

January 22, 2013No Comments

‘Technological cheating’ shadows online ticket sales for Spring Festival rush

As the Spring Festival travel season, also known as the largest annual human migration in the world, approaches, the vexing and taxing battle for a train ticket home starts. This year, a new problem occurs: tech-savvy Chinese ticket buyers have been using plug-ins, add-ons and other software applications, which causes a surge in traffic that [...]

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January 21, 201311 Comments

Not a noob, flummoxed nevertheless — Chris’ frustration with China’s confusing holiday schedule

Chris Toepker is a contributor to Ministry of Tofu. He hails from the United States, has been living in greater China since 1990 and has recently relocated to Beijing. After so many years in greater China, I thought I had things straight. Sadly, my first-time, full-time working in Beijing apparently presents many new opportunities to learn. [...]

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February 9, 20128 Comments

Photos: Galeries Lafayette, beloved by Chinese

From NetEase The Galeries Lafayette is one of sightseers’ favorite department store in Paris. In recent years, Chinese shoppers crowding in and out of the store have become a common sight. Even Chinese customers here started to complain every now and then, “There are just too many Chinese here!” (Photos by Zhang Jie) The Galeries [...]

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January 30, 20122 Comments

Photos: Chinese pilgrimage to the shrine of God of Wealth

From QQ and NetEase God of Prosperity/Wealth is a deity in Chinese folk culture who, as the name suggests, spreads wealth and success to the mortals. He is usually shown wearing an official’s gown in red and carrying or being surrounded by symbols of wealth, such as coins, boat-shaped gold ingots (a.k.a. yuan bao, or [...]

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January 29, 2012No Comments

Red envelope as Chinese New Year gift poses a heavier burden

From NetEase and IFeng Red is an auspicious and festive color. Money is a one-size-fits-all gift. Therefore, in China and other Chinese-speaking communities, presenting cash tucked into a red envelope as a Chinese New Year gift has become an ingrained practice, which not only conveys goodwill, but also spares the giver the trouble of racking [...]

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January 20, 20122 Comments

Photos: Upcoming Chinese New Year creates backlogs for courier companies

From Sohu and NetEase If you are an online shopper in the United States, you must be very familiar with the phrase “Order before 12/23…Guaranteed Christmas delivery” advertised by most U.S. online retailers. But in China, last-minute shopping for the Spring Festival is a no-no. On the hugely popular e-shopping website Taobao, act at least [...]

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January 5, 20123 Comments

China’s online railway ticket sales goes berserk; a rural migrant’s letter to railways officials

China’s Ministry of Railways has rolled out an ambitious plan to sell highly sought-after train tickets online for the upcoming Spring Festival Rush in an effort to ease the burden of securing a ticket. However, most people that tried to use the official online system experienced great difficulty and frustration while placing the order, and [...]

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February 11, 20114 Comments

New custom of Chinese New Year: marriage-forcing

Jing: During Chinese New Year, the most often heard question for Chinese young people: “Are you dating someone now?” The most often heard New Year’s wish: “Wish you could bring a date home next Chinese New Year.” The most often heard news from relatives: “Look, *** has a date now.” Families’ marriage-forcing (bi hun, 逼婚) [...]

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February 9, 2011One Comment

Mainland Chinese tourists fight over queue-jumping in Taiwan; netizens engage in cross-strait rants

During Chinese New Year, large spates of tourists from mainland China went to Alishan, one of the most well-known scenic spots in Taiwan. Allegedly members of one tourist group from the mainland attempted to jump the queue to ride the sightseeing train, which angered another mainland Chinese group. The scrimmage soon turned into a melee, [...]

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February 2, 20113 Comments

Secrets about studio audience at CCTV New Year Gala

CCTV New Year’s Gala is broadcast live on the eve of each Chinese New Year on its multiple channels to the entire nation’s TV viewers. Though TV ratings and popularity is declining each year, it is still one of the most watched TV program among Chinese speaking world, including Chinese diaspora around the world. Its [...]

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February 2, 20113 Comments

Spotted: the most loyal “Utility Man” at CCTV New Year’s Gala; netizens’ comments

CCTV New Year’s Gala is broadcast live on the eve of each Chinese New Year on its multiple channels to the entire nation’s TV viewers. Though TV ratings and popularity are declining each year, it is still one of the most watched TV program among Chinese speaking world, including Chinese diaspora around the world. In [...]

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February 1, 20112 Comments

Condom highly sought after as gift for Chinese New Year

From New Express Daily Right before Chinese New Year, a.k.a Spring Festival (tomorrow), shopping centers and supermarkets have geared up for people’s shopping spree. Condoms have been lined up alongside with other merchandise, such as health products and electric appliances, as red-hot New Year gifts and have found their way into people’s shopping carts. Some [...]

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February 1, 20117 Comments

Chinese New Year, time for family reunion, except for homeless and abandoned children

From Southern Weekend At a shelter in the city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, 17 children are going to celebrate the beginning of the Year of Rabbit at its Protection Center for Homeless Children. Among the 17 kids, the youngest is 4 years old, and the oldest is aged 14. The newest comer arrived just a [...]

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January 31, 2011No Comments

In China, employees amuse themselves with antics and cross-dressing at annual corporate dinners

As Chinese New Year draws near, the nation’s companies and employers are busying wrapping up the Year of Tiger with laughter and festivity. Annual dinners and parties are hosted right before the long holiday, and employees and even bosses laid their heads together to contribute to the long-awaited party of their own. Many netizens who [...]

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January 25, 20112 Comments

While tens of millions Chinese travel home for the New Year, vagabonds keep drifting

As Spring Festival Rush begins, and tens of millions of Chinese travel home to reunite with their families for the most important traditional Chinese holiday, some homeless people have decided to keep drifting. For them, there is no place called home.

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January 22, 20112 Comments

Chinese hit the bumpy road home for Lunar New Year, signifying the beginning of the largest annual human migration

Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is the most important holiday to Chinese people. It is based on Chinese lunar calendar and falls on different dates in the western calendar each year. The first date of the Year of Rabbit, the majority of which overlaps with 2011, is on February 3, 2011. As is the [...]

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