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August 28, 2012One Comment

George W. Bush’s brother jokes about joining Communist Party; netizens react

From Sina Weibo Neil Bush, younger brother of the former U.S. president, started using Sina Weibo, China’s hugely popular microblogging service in September, 2011. Despite having 120,000 followers, Mr. Bush attracted most of their attention only for his pedigree and was living in the shadow of his famous father and brother. That is, until he [...]

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July 17, 20129 Comments

Hong Kong youth’s protest over patriotic education causes a stir among netizens

A compilation of pictures showing Hong Kong students’ growing discontent with being brainwashed with Pro-Communist rhetoric resonates deeply with Chinese netizens. It was shared by over 2,600 Weibo users and received hundreds of user comments. The pictures are screenshots of a television report uploaded by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based media group, onto YouTube. The [...]

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May 16, 20124 Comments

72.7% of Chinese are satisfied with crackdown on corruption? Netizens: ‘My @ss!’

From Sina NetEase 72.2 percent of Chinese are satisfied with China’s anti-corruption work in 2011, compared with only 51.9 percent in 2003, said Cui Hairong, deputy director of China’s National Bureau of Corruption Prevention at an international conference hosted by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. The news met with unanimous derision, sarcasm and outrage [...]

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September 26, 20114 Comments

Married public servant imprisons 6 women in dungeon as sex slaves for two years; authorities: it’s state secret.

From Southern Metropolis Weekly A hideous crime in Luoyang, Henan province, from 4 meters underneath – a 34-year-old public servant, formerly a firefighter, spent one year excavating in a basement he had purchased for extra space before he lured six women into the underground warren, held them in captivity for two years, and exploited them [...]

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July 6, 20115 Comments

Chinese propaganda film cheats on box office figures?

A microblog post on Sina Weibo with three pictures shows that several movie theaters in various cities are vending tickets to other films under the guise of Beginning of the Great Revival (formerly known as The Founding of A Party) so that all ticket sales count toward the single film whereas theaters will not lose [...]

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May 16, 20113 Comments

Chinese petitioner runs for election as independent candidate, harassed and detained by local gov’t and police

Liu Ping was a worker at a state-owned iron and steel plant in the city of Xinyu, Jiangxi Province. As a full-time employee, she had been enjoying the legal benefits of paid leave and overtime pay. Therefore, the company, in order to depress salary and arbitrarily fire workers like her, forced her off her post [...]

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April 28, 20113 Comments

Centennial celebration of Tsinghua University turns arena of politics, meets criticism from and controversy over its alumni

Last Sunday, Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious institution for higher education, celebrated its 100th birthday. Tsinghua University is famous even around the global as a factory for engineers and scientists, many of whom head directly towards the United States after graduation. Often called “the MIT of China,” Tsinghua ranked the first on the [...]

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February 22, 20113 Comments

Beijing forces elementary students to salute Communist Party flag every month

From NetEase Beijing’s Communist Youth League has just announced that starting from next month until October, each of Beijing’s elementary school will have to organize its students to salute the flags of Communist Party, Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers on the first Monday morning of each month. This year marks the 90th anniversary of [...]

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January 28, 2011No Comments

Chinese propaganda official calls PM Wen Jiabao “troublemaker”, grapevine says

From Boxun A deputy director of China’s Central Propaganda Department bluntly accused Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao of being a troublemaker. According to officials of the Department then at the scene, he lost control when he was reprimanding his subordinate who came from Guangdong to Beijing to brief the boss about the work. The deputy head [...]

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January 3, 20112 Comments

Music Video: Application to Join the Chinese Communist Party; netizens’ comments

Lyrics by He Peixuan Composer: Fang Shi Sung by Jiang Tao I wrote an application to join the Party at the age of 18, But was too shy to submit it to the Party Branch. I read the Party Constitution through and through, And felt I was quite a distance away from meeting its requirement. [...]

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