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March 14, 2011One Comment

Video: Chinese rap over soaring consumer prices in parody music video featuring Stephen Chow

The rapper(s) discusses Chinese inflation and rising Consumer Price Index (CPI), and tells how it affects people’s everyday life. The song is a parody of Taiwanese girl band S.H.E.’s Chinese Language (song title). The video features montage of several Stephen Chow’s movie excerpts. Stephen Chow is a very popular comedy actor/director in Greater China as [...]

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November 10, 20104 Comments

With price hikes, Chinese begin number crunching: What can you buy with 100 yuan?

Original posts in Chinese: 1 2 3 4 China’s National Development and Reform Committee released the result of October’s consumer price monitoring in 36 cities nationwide. 80% of commodities are more expensive than in September. Talks about making ends meet come at a time when Chinese suddenly find their meals cost more, while their salaries remain [...]

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