December 21, 20125 Comments

Photos: Teenage abortion in China

Statistics show that at least 13 million abortions are performed each year in China, which makes it the country with the highest number of abortions in the world. That does not include the 10 million abortion pills sold or the unknown number of abortions performed at underground or unregistered clinics. Against the backdrop of the country’s One Child Policy, abortion in China is not only legal but casually done. Besides, to unmarried women, the social stigma of raising an illegitimate child and the lack of adoption services means that having an abortion after getting pregnant is almost the only way out.

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January 6, 20123 Comments

Chinese grows “Asia’s biggest man boobs” after treating baldness with contraceptives

From Youku Guo Qingbo lives in a rural village administered by Dezhou, Shandong province. Six years ago, he heeded a quack doctor’s advice on treating his baldness and began using contraceptives to shampoo his hair. More hair did grow. However, his breasts also got larger and larger, until they looked like two balls hanging in [...]

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