corrupt officials

August 28, 20126 Comments

Official caught smiling at deadly bus crash scene enrages internet vigilantes

Photos of a government official beaming at his colleagues at the scene of a road accident, in which 36 people were burned to death, have been circulating on the Chinese social media sites. Netizens set human flesh search engine in motion and soon found that the official has expensive taste for luxury watches. A long-distance [...]

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September 20, 20119 Comments

Chinese watch buff becomes corrupt officials’ pet peeve by practicing hobby: watch-spotting

From Southern Weekend Recently, a microblogger, who goes by the name, “huaguoshan zongshuji” (花果山总书记, literally, General Secretary of Huaguo Mountain) has drawn national attention and made his mark on the Internet. A connoisseur of timepieces, he combs the vast sea of information online for pictures of Chinese officials wearing wristwatches, recognizes the brands and models, [...]

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March 23, 201111 Comments

Contrast of Chinese and U.S. student disciplines becomes red-hot topic

From Sina A microblog post has called Chinese netizens’ attention to another difference in education between China and the U.S. – elementary school disciplines. An overwhelming majority said the Chinese version rings hollow and has no substance as to regulating student behavior. Some net users even said that the perfectionistic code should be used to [...]

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February 14, 20113 Comments

Hong Kong chief keeps travel costs low, inspires Chinese netizens to mull over “one country two systems.”

From IFENG (Phoenix Weekly Online) Last week, the government of Hong Kong made public expenses of visits made by Donald Tsang in the past four years, the chief executive of Hong Kong. From November 2007 to November 2010, Donald Tsang paid altogether 40 visits, costing HK$987,086 (about US$127,000), including HK$540,000 on air fair. Chinese netizens [...]

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January 19, 20112 Comments

Corrupt Chinese officials find a novel way to rake in money–writing books

From Legal Daily In recent years, Chinese officials jump on the band wagon of writing books. Some of them use it as a secret weapon to siphon off money. They went cahoots with publishers to get their books onto the market, and then urge their subordinates to buy their books or purchase books in large [...]

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