August 18, 20122 Comments

Corpse specimens of Von Hagens’ Body Worlds may come from China’s death row, netizens say

Sunday, Chinese netizens started to relay in large quantities an exposé of a company in Dalian called “Von Hagens Plastination,” which  may have illegally used human cadavers. Bo Xilai, a former high-ranking Chinese official deposed in disgrace after his wife was incriminated in a high-profile murder case involving a British national, was said to have [...]

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April 2, 2011No Comments

Photos: Chinese lovers with dwarfism ride pumpkin carriage to a fairy-tale wedding

From Tudou and China News Net Zhu Jie, a 23-year-old woman with dwarfism, is only 128cm tall (about 4’3”). She was known to China’s TV viewers as a contestant in last year’s China’s Got Talent. Friday, she had a dreamy wedding ceremony with her boyfriend Qin Xueshi, who is also a little person, at a [...]

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January 18, 20116 Comments

Official micro-blog of China’s local police department follows Japanese porn star only

Many regional police departments have launched their micro-blogs, a similar service to that of Twitter, at Sina, for promoting their image and public relations. Most netizens are not in the least surprised by the growing trend. However, Xigang Branch Office of Dalian Police Department in China’s northeast was a jaw-dropping one. It’s micro-blog, only half-a-month-old, [...]

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