December 8, 20122 Comments

Nail houses vs. demolition teams in China

The term “nail house” has been frequently used to refer to homes whose owners refuse to relocate and make room for development, for their homes jut out stubbornly like “nails” from the ground, where their neighboring structures are torn down or crushed unimpeded, and pulling out these “nails” seems like a mission impossible. Such homeowners [...]

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February 14, 2012No Comments

Photos: Demolition looms over Beijing’s last public bathhouse

From Southern Weekend Today, bathhouses are in oblivion and desolation. You won’t find any if you have no emotional attachment and persistence. But some people are willing to travel more than an hour by public bus for a hot bath. Shuangxing Bathhouse built in 1916 on the southern outskirts of Beijing is the oldest surviving [...]

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February 13, 20112 Comments

Largest slum in south China’s Sanya demolished, leaving dwellers homeless

Photos from IFENG Report from Xinhua In Sanya, a beautiful coastal city in south China, a large area of makeshift shacks sprawling over Mangguo village and Xigua village (literally: Mango village and Watermelon village) used to be peasants’ abode. However, since January 19, the city government has started forced demolition and eviction that targets the [...]

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January 12, 20112 Comments

Daily China News (01/12/2011) – life imprisonment, emission quota, and more.

According to China Seismological Network, at 9:19 a.m. (GMT+8) on January 12, 2011, a 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck South Yellow Sea. Residents in Shanghai could feel the quake. J-20, China’s stealth jet took off just before 1 p.m. local time and flew for about 18 minutes, according to Chinese bloggers. The test flight coincides with U.S. [...]

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January 8, 20112 Comments

Shanghai driver silently protests forced demolition in multiple languages in taxicab

From Twitter Handwritten Chinese text from top to bottom: “Zhabei (Jing’s note: a district of Shanghai) People’s Government’s forced demolition cornered a 40-year-old women to death. EVIL.” “Yesterday morning a woman hanged herself. The second-phase construction at Qiaodong on Qiujian Road.” Handwritten Chinese text from left to right: “Fight, struggle and stand up for rights.” [...]

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