March 5, 20123 Comments

Photos: Sex workers in southern Chinese village mired in drugs, AIDS and poverty

From NetEase Forum Sex, drugs and AIDS are eroding Gejiu, or “the Tin City”, in Yunnan province. The city has more than 5,400 registered injection drug users, at least 70 percent of whom are infected with HIV. Thousands have reached a stage where their immune system has been damaged, and their HIV has become a [...]

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January 9, 20129 Comments

Photos: Hong Kongers protest ‘discriminatory’ D&G photo ban that protects Mainland China’s new rich

From NetEase and Weibo A Dolce &Gabbana store in Hong Kong was besieged on January 8 by more than a thousand protesters clamoring for apology after the Italian high fashion house decided to forbid non-shoppers from taking photos of its storefront.

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December 30, 20114 Comments

Migrant worker offering bus seat gets insulted, triggers clamor for more respect for peasants

From Modern Express and Sina Weibo A young peasant-turned migrant worker gave up his bus seat to a woman with a little child. His well-meant offer was abruptly rejected by the woman, who claimed his seat was “too dirty,” and took it out on her child desiring the seat. The post, recounted by a witness, [...]

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December 2, 20112 Comments

Child with AIDS ‘jailed’ at orphanage for three years, looking for adopter

From IFENG The three-and-a-half-year-old tot is able to use a spoon and have a meal himself. He loves to bounce up and down on the bed. He smiles when he sees strangers and calls them “uncle” or “auntie.” This boy, who looks as ordinary as any toddler his age, can only stay in a confined [...]

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December 1, 20117 Comments

Photos of transgender woman Chu Chu and Chinese netizens’ reaction

From QQ Chu Chu, a transgender woman, rents a small efficiency apartment near the transportation hub of the city of Bozhou, Anhui province. Chu Chu was born in 1975 in a rural family to parents who were folk artists. The family already had five daughters. Back then, he, the sixth child, was the only son. [...]

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March 16, 20114 Comments

Chinese car owner dissatisfied with auto repair service has his Lamborghini smashed

From QQ March 15 is Consumer Rights Day. Chinese discontent with product and service quality often become highlighted and heatedly discussed on this day. A net user in Qingdao, a city in China’s eastern Shandong Province, said that a Lamborghini sports car that his company owned failed to be fixed by an official Lamborghini service [...]

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January 5, 201119 Comments

First Chinese sex-negative website launched, bashing gays and masturbation among others

Recently, a non-governmental website haongo.com that boldly campaigns against eroticism as well as homosexuality and masturbation has been launched in Shijiazhuang, and quickly received a massive number of hits. Over half of those who volunteered to build the site are women. They say their purpose is to educate people using their own experiences on harms [...]

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