October 15, 2013One Comment

China’s Liberal Arts Colleges: Going Against the Mainstream

Charlene Zheyan Ni is Ministry of Tofu’s contributor. This video blog post of hers also appears on LinkAsia. Liberal arts education in China is still in its experimental stage, and a majority of college students are pursuing more practical science degrees. While top universities in China have embraced the value of this teaching method since [...]

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October 25, 20122 Comments


A master’s graduate coming from rural China did not find an ideal job in the city and returned to his village to work on the farm. His father, who has been a peasant for his entire life, felt so humiliated and depressed by his son’s choice, or rather, lack of any, and attempted suicide. On [...]

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September 26, 20123 Comments

Teacher stamps marks on underachieving students’ faces

From Southern Metropolis Daily and Sina Weibo An elementary school teacher in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has been widely criticized on the Internet for stamping red and blue marks on her students’ faces based on how they behave at school to tell good students from “bad” ones. The complaint over the public humiliation [...]

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September 4, 2012One Comment

3,000 children back to school with chairs and desks from home

From NetEase In China, September 1 is a typical back-to-school day and also time for parents to prepare school supplies for their children. In Shunhe county under the city of Macheng, Hubei province, one part of preparation of key importance is find passable desks and chairs at home and let their kids bring them to [...]

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July 17, 20129 Comments

Hong Kong youth’s protest over patriotic education causes a stir among netizens

A compilation of pictures showing Hong Kong students’ growing discontent with being brainwashed with Pro-Communist rhetoric resonates deeply with Chinese netizens. It was shared by over 2,600 Weibo users and received hundreds of user comments. The pictures are screenshots of a television report uploaded by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based media group, onto YouTube. The [...]

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July 15, 20124 Comments

Chinese teenage girl driven to anorexia by academic stress

From QQ A girl lost about 60 pounds within a year and at one point weighed only 75 pounds, after she fared far worse than usual on a single entrance exam, which let both herself and her father terribly down. She is still being treated for her eating disorder at a local hospital and hooked [...]

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June 14, 20129 Comments

“Grandpa Wen, I want to go to school!”

Pictures from Weibo users reported the demonstration at the entrance of Fengtai District Education Commission in Beijing by elementary school age kids who are not eligible because they don’t have Beijing hukou. The signs run, “I want to go to school.” Their parents are migrant workers from outside Beijing. The municipal government’s attack last [...]

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May 6, 201228 Comments

Photo: An entire class of high school students receive IV drips while cramming for exams

Photos of high school graduating senior students given intravenous drips in class have become viral on Sina Weibo. Within hours since they were uploaded yesterday morning, they had been shared by tens of thousands of Weibo users. The original uploader, “CHImushroom”, is a senior student at a high school in Xiaogan, central China’s Hubei province. [...]

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April 23, 2012One Comment

Photos: College students’ Occupy Seats movement turns ugly as Graduate Admission Exam nears

From NetEase With now an increasing number of Chinese students choosing graduate school to get themselves more prepared for the hypercompetitive job market in China, admissions to various graduate programs are getting more selective than ever. The Postgraduate Admission Test (中国研究生入学考试) is an integral part of the admission process. Every Chinese college student has gone through the ritual [...]

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April 20, 20123 Comments

80% of students can ‘do anything’ for China, while near half wish they were born elsewhere

From China Youth Daily 90.2% of Chinese high school students say they are proud to be Chinese; 80.7% reply, “If my country (China) is in crisis, I am willing to do anything for my country.” China, among all four countries that participated in this poll, has the highest percentage of nationalists, a recent survey found. [...]

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April 19, 20127 Comments

Chinese pupil poses moral conundrum after being criticized for “wrong” answer

In a quiz on Chinese reading, a first grader answered “No, I won’t” to the question “Would you give up your pear out of courtesy to your brothers if you were Kong Rong?” He got a huge “X” for his answer from his teacher. The child’s father, upon seeing the answer sheet, took a picture [...]

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April 9, 20122 Comments

Photos: High school students burn books to protest excessive school fees

From NetEase Senior students at a boarding school in Jingshan, Hubei province tore up and set fire to tons of books Thursday to express their outrage after they were told to pay 700 yuan (US$111) as educational charges. The accusation was soon echoed by junior students, who assembled in the middle of the evening study [...]

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April 5, 201224 Comments

Photos: Chinese students lost in the dream of studying in USA

From NetEase In the past six years, Ohio University in the United States has seen a 35-fold increase in the number of Chinese undergraduate students. But the language and culture differences pose barriers that eventually lead them to indulge in a Chinese circle cut off from the outside. It seems that these young men, who [...]

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February 29, 20124 Comments

Photos: “If I were elected a deputy to Chinese legislature, what I would propose”

From NetEase The annual “two sessions” – one for the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislative body, and the other for Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, convene in Beijing on March 5 this year. Reporters with Xinhua News Agency visited a college campus, a bus station, a hospital, a construction site among other places and [...]

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February 22, 20123 Comments

School building funded by donation rented to car dealer, driving students to tile-roofed house

From NetEase Only two weeks after an elementary school built with donations from by Hong Kong philanthropist Run Run Shaw went into use, members of the committee that administers the rural village in northwest China leased out the building to an auto dealership for 10 years. About a hundred students enrolled at the school have [...]

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December 15, 2011No Comments

Now college student, former basketball player Yao Ming jokes about “copying classmate’s homework”

From Xinhua Famous basketball player Yao Ming, recently retired from NBA, now attends Economics and Management School at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). In a recent New Year’s party at the school, Yao, unable to attend the event, sent a video clip to the party featuring himself addressing to his fellowing students. In the video, Yao [...]

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December 7, 201113 Comments

"Why we don’t want our children to go to school in the U.S.?"

Via An article on magazine Jinglue, cited by website, details the thoughts of two parents, an American father and Chinese mother, of why they chose to emigrate to China for a Chinese-style education for their child. Below are some of their reasons alongside my commentary. NOTE: Of course I will be commenting based [...]

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November 18, 2011One Comment

Photos: China’s "Rooftop Elementary School” hangs on for 12 years

From QQ This is an elementary school for children of migrant workers living in Wuhan, the largest and most prosperous city in Central China. It rents a residential building in a run-down neighborhood to house its students. Its rooftop, on which tenants used to hang washed laundry to dry, now serves as children’s playground, where [...]

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October 18, 201111 Comments

Underachieving Chinese school children wear badge of shame: Green Scarf

From Sina At the gate of No.1 Experimental Elementary School of Weiyang District, Xi’an, children standing in lines were divided into two markedly different groups: one wearing red scarves, and the other wearing green scarves. “You don’t study well, and wear a green scarf. Mine is the real red scarf…” One kid said to another. [...]

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October 13, 20113 Comments

School feeds rotten veggies to students, sparking parents’ protest

From NetEase On the morning of October 13, parents who gave their children a ride to Dongfeng Elementary School in Zunyi, Guizhou province, saw a carful of food in bags unloaded and headed for the school’s kitchen. Curious about what their children have for lunch, they opened the bags, only to find that the ingredients [...]

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