March 23, 20126 Comments

Photos: A ‘plastic surgery’ that turns duck into goose

From NetEase In Guangdong, because a domesticate goose costs twice as much as a duck, restaurants that serve roast geese usually pass ducks off as geese. After their feathers are plucked and their feet are choped off, the two birds look quite the same, except that a Chinese domestic goose may be readily distinguished from [...]

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February 24, 20123 Comments

Picture of the day: iPhone gas stove

Apple is knee-deep in a trademark dispute with a Chinese company, which claimed the right to use the name “iPad”, and sued the electronics giant in both Chinese and U.S. federal courts for trademark infringement. Chinese authorities confiscated thousands of iPads from racks amidst the legal battle. The court rulling is still up in the [...]

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September 21, 20112 Comments

Paid actor cries foul over his Aunt Sally role set up by tabloid talk show

Do not get too absorbed in or emotional over the drama on Chinese reality TV shows, because it may not be real. A young man named Su Hailong had to approach news reporters and clarify that he was hired by a Jerry-Springer-type tabloid TV talk show producer to play the unfilial son, who has become a [...]

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April 20, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Diandian v. Tumblr, another classic Chinese copycat in the Internet age

We can’t fail to notice how many similarities Chinese social network Renren.com and Facebook share. We also find Chinese Fanfou reminiscent of the old Twitter. But this February, Kai-fu Lee, former Google China president and now a chairman of a venture capital fund Innovative Works, bankrolled a Beijing-based startup DianDian.com with more than $1 million. What [...]

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March 16, 20112 Comments

CCTV rigs newscast again, this time in earthquake coverage

On January 27, Ministry of Tofu broke the story about CCTV passing off scenes from Top Gun in its fight jet news. Today, eagle-eyed Chinese net users called our attention to its conniving newscast. Yes, they botched it again. Both two separate news reports, one on the magnitude 5.8 earthquake in China’s southwestern Yunnan Province [...]

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March 13, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Colonel Sanders finds mate in China

On the right, the sign reads, “Aunt Ji hot and spicy (soup)”

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January 27, 201166 Comments

China Central Television news suspected to have stolen fighter jet scenes from Top Gun

From MITBBS and Yahoo Xinwen lianbo (新闻联播), or News Broadcast, on China Central Television (CCTV), comes under fire again for its report of an air force training exercise on January 23. In the newscast, the way a target was hit by the air-to-air missile fired by a J-10 fighter aircraft and exploded looks almost identical to [...]

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