April 9, 20128 Comments

Titanic 3D–A sign of China’s stricter censorship

In the past two weeks, the Chinese government put a temporary gag to the social media and shut down Maoist sites to quell undesirable political discussion, many netizens were busy deciphering the signals the state intends to send – does it mean the tightening of censorship? This is probably true, at least on the entertainment [...]

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March 8, 20126 Comments

Standout quotes from China’s political meetings: the outspoken, the revealing, and the totally bizarre

Legalization of prostitution, lowering marriage…It does not make sense to stay tuned into the Chinese news programs for as long as the two sessions run, but it does help you understand China better if you read our digest.

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March 7, 20128 Comments

Photos: Side-by-side comparisons of Chinese copycat movie posters and those they rip off

From Wenxuecity To be fair, likeness in some pairs is generic and harmless, but others just share blatant resemblance and are even nearly identical. Love Actually (UK) VS. Fit Lover (China) Red Cliff (China, 2008) VS. The Knot (China/Taiwan, 2006) Vantage Point (U.S.) VS.  Seven 2 One (Hong Kong, China) Daddy Day Camp (U.S.) VS. [...]

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July 6, 20115 Comments

Chinese propaganda film cheats on box office figures?

A microblog post on Sina Weibo with three pictures shows that several movie theaters in various cities are vending tickets to other films under the guise of Beginning of the Great Revival (formerly known as The Founding of A Party) so that all ticket sales count toward the single film whereas theaters will not lose [...]

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March 5, 2011No Comments

Video: Heaven’s Lunch, a short film about filial piety by Chinese collage student

From Xinhua As the Chinese saying goes, “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues.” But in today’s society, heavy workloads and stressful life have taken quality time with parents away from many Chinese. Recently, a short film titled Heaven’s Lunch (天堂午餐, literally Lunch in Heaven) becomes extremely popular online, for it strikes a [...]

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