December 13, 201232 Comments

‘The most corrupt country is America,’ Jackie Chan’s comments widely panned in China

In a talk show aired on Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV Monday, Jackie Chan, the world-famous actor and show-biz star, said that China is not the country with the most serious corruption problem; the United States is. He also called on Chinese people to refrain from criticizing the China, especially in front of “outsiders”.  The remarks [...]

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January 2, 201210 Comments

What do Chinese people envision as the best life?

What kind of life do Chinese people desire the most in the new year? The news documentary featuring interviews with six ordinary Chinese people from all walks of life was produced by Chinese news portal Net Ease as a tribute to year 2011 and translated into English by Ministry of Tofu.

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January 30, 20114 Comments

Despite the taboo ‘Egypt,’ Chinese netizens echo its protests, cry out for Facebook in microblogs

Despite the fact that China has blocked the word “Egypt” from the country’s wildly popular Twitter-like service, Sina Microblog, not all Chinese shut their mouths. A picture of Egypt protest attached to one microblog post has been widely circulated in Sina’s micro-blogosphere. As Chinese censorship apparatus has rendered any attempt to key in the Chinese [...]

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