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May 2, 2011One Comment

Chinese child prodigy or dictator-to-be? 12-year-old boy draws national attention

Imagine a Chinese counterpart of Jonathan Krohn, who then as a 14-year-old wrote a book to define conservatism and addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2009 was highlighted by media as a political wunderkind. This Chinese boy began to watch Xinwen Lianbo (prime time news on China Central Television) at the age of 2. [...]

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March 23, 201111 Comments

Contrast of Chinese and U.S. student disciplines becomes red-hot topic

From Sina A microblog post has called Chinese netizens’ attention to another difference in education between China and the U.S. – elementary school disciplines. An overwhelming majority said the Chinese version rings hollow and has no substance as to regulating student behavior. Some net users even said that the perfectionistic code should be used to [...]

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March 22, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Petitioner on her knees

On March 21, an outdoor performance showcasing intangible cultural heritage was staged in Huaiyang County in central Henan Province. After the master of ceremony announced the beginning of the show, a woman broke through the security cordon and ran to Ren Lianjun, the Communist Party boss of Huaiyang County, knelt down, and cried out her [...]

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