November 19, 2012One Comment

5 homeless children in SW China die from hiding in trash bin to get warm

From NetEase and Sina Five boys were found dead inside roadside waste bins in Bijie, southwestern China’s Guizhou province, on the morning of November 16. Police investigation is under way. So far, the five boys have not been identified, but the preliminary result shows the boys may have been killed by CO gas poisoning after [...]

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September 24, 20124 Comments

Briton doled out food to homeless people in China for 7 years

From NetEase A British engineer sold out his three companies, estate and two race cars seven years ago and came to Xi’an, China, to provide food to the homeless people. Recently, his story has garnered much support and respect from many Chinese netizens, while some others sniff at it. 46-year-old Tony used to be an [...]

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August 30, 20122 Comments

Photos: Physically and mentally handicapped people enslaved by factory

From IFENG and NetEase A plaster-making factory in central China is reportedly enslaving mentally handicapped workers, who toil in hazardous conditions, are dragged out of bed at 6 a.m. every day, fed on nothing but noodles only twice a day and paid a mere 500 yuan (US$78) a month. In early August, an anonymous internet [...]

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July 3, 20124 Comments

Photos: Guangzhou sets concrete spikes under bridges to drive away homeless people

From NetEase & Sina Weibo Homeless people living under bridges is such an eyesore that Guangzhou has cast concrete spikes as a countermeasure? Photos of these ‘defensive works’ posed by netizens onto Sina Weibo, China’s microblogging service, have soon become viral. Most of photos were taken under a bridge that links the city with the [...]

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April 3, 20113 Comments

Picture of the day: Beggar duped by man with counterfeit banknotes

The beggar is sad over his loss and shows the reporter the 11 counterfeit 100-yuan notes. An old beggar in Quanzhou of southern Fujian Province was approached by a man, who offered to give him 100-yuan notes for small change he owned. The beggar was more than happy to accept the offer, as the small [...]

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February 13, 20112 Comments

Largest slum in south China’s Sanya demolished, leaving dwellers homeless

Photos from IFENG Report from Xinhua In Sanya, a beautiful coastal city in south China, a large area of makeshift shacks sprawling over Mangguo village and Xigua village (literally: Mango village and Watermelon village) used to be peasants’ abode. However, since January 19, the city government has started forced demolition and eviction that targets the [...]

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January 25, 20112 Comments

While tens of millions Chinese travel home for the New Year, vagabonds keep drifting

As Spring Festival Rush begins, and tens of millions of Chinese travel home to reunite with their families for the most important traditional Chinese holiday, some homeless people have decided to keep drifting. For them, there is no place called home.

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November 22, 20103 Comments

100-year-old ragpicking granny on the tramp for decades, homeless and childless; netizens’ comments

From QQ.com At noon on November 17, 2010, an old woman walking on South Wenchang Road in Guiyang with heavy waste paper cartons on her back. It captured the eyes of passers-by including me. “Granny, you are not young, and you carry things so heavy?” The old woman didn’t reply right way. Instread, she took [...]

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