Hong Kong films

March 7, 20128 Comments

Photos: Side-by-side comparisons of Chinese copycat movie posters and those they rip off

From Wenxuecity To be fair, likeness in some pairs is generic and harmless, but others just share blatant resemblance and are even nearly identical. Love Actually (UK) VS. Fit Lover (China) Red Cliff (China, 2008) VS. The Knot (China/Taiwan, 2006) Vantage Point (U.S.) VS.  Seven 2 One (Hong Kong, China) Daddy Day Camp (U.S.) VS. [...]

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February 27, 201211 Comments

Infographics: A look into Hong Kong-mainland feud

Below are four infographics that strive to illustrate the widening rift between people in Hong Kong and mainland China. The first two made by Southern Metropolis Weekly visualize subjective answers to 20 questions for Hong Kong people and mainland Chinese, 10 for each side. The other two made by iSun Affairs lay down facts and [...]

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December 9, 2010One Comment

Photo essay: Kung Fu Economy – China’s Buddhist Temple with a commercial face

From Netease: Ever since it was featured in a Hong Kong-made film, Shaolin, an ancient Buddhist temple with a history of more than a thousand years, has taken on a second life. Since the 1970s, in accordance with China’s economic boom, Shaolin has not only opened its door to visitors from far and near, but stepped [...]

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