Hong Kong

July 4, 20134 Comments

Students’ humiliation of Hong Kong’s chief sparks debate about free speech

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung was given thumbs-down, the middle finger, ‘No’ signs and was even mooned at the commencement by students at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts last week. In return, Leung greeted each of his protesters nothing but an awkward smile. Long seen as a puppet leader installed by Beijing, [...]

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February 6, 20133 Comments

Hong Kong’s ban on baby milk formula trade adds to tension with mainland China

As complaints over the severe baby formula shortage in Hong Kong rise, the local authorities plan to slap a tough restriction on the amount of formula outbound travellers can take. The new rule, which is aimed at mainland Chinese smugglers, has sparked fear, outrage and angst on Chinese social media. Under the regulation, each individual [...]

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January 31, 20133 Comments

Greater China reacts to Reporters Without Borders’ Press Freedom Index

Jazza John, our contributor, is currently a student at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. A report from Reporters Without Boarders suggests that freedom of the press in both Hong Kong and Taiwan has dropped.  The Press Freedom Index, which is compiled of 179 nations, showed Hong Kong drop from 54 to 58 and Taiwan from 45 to 48, while [...]

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December 13, 201232 Comments

‘The most corrupt country is America,’ Jackie Chan’s comments widely panned in China

In a talk show aired on Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV Monday, Jackie Chan, the world-famous actor and show-biz star, said that China is not the country with the most serious corruption problem; the United States is. He also called on Chinese people to refrain from criticizing the China, especially in front of “outsiders”.  The remarks [...]

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July 17, 20129 Comments

Hong Kong youth’s protest over patriotic education causes a stir among netizens

A compilation of pictures showing Hong Kong students’ growing discontent with being brainwashed with Pro-Communist rhetoric resonates deeply with Chinese netizens. It was shared by over 2,600 Weibo users and received hundreds of user comments. The pictures are screenshots of a television report uploaded by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based media group, onto YouTube. The [...]

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February 27, 201211 Comments

Infographics: A look into Hong Kong-mainland feud

Below are four infographics that strive to illustrate the widening rift between people in Hong Kong and mainland China. The first two made by Southern Metropolis Weekly visualize subjective answers to 20 questions for Hong Kong people and mainland Chinese, 10 for each side. The other two made by iSun Affairs lay down facts and [...]

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February 3, 20122 Comments

Despite ugly tension between Hong Kong and mainland China, HK’s accusatory ad becomes Internet meme

From Sina Weibo Since the demonstration in front of a Dolce & Gabbana store in Hong Kong targeting tourists from mainland China in early January, spats between Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese have finally escalated to nasty confrontation, culminating in a viral parody music video on Youtube and a full-page ad run in a [...]

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January 9, 20129 Comments

Photos: Hong Kongers protest ‘discriminatory’ D&G photo ban that protects Mainland China’s new rich

From NetEase and Weibo A Dolce &Gabbana store in Hong Kong was besieged on January 8 by more than a thousand protesters clamoring for apology after the Italian high fashion house decided to forbid non-shoppers from taking photos of its storefront.

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May 4, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Hong Kong flight attendants learn kung fu for self-defense

Cabin crews from Hong Kong Airlines practise Wing Chun, a concept-based Chinese martial art or Kung Fu, during a lesson in Hong Kong Saturday, April 30, 2011. A Hong Kong airline makes all its cabin crews to take Wing Chun lessons as helping them to build the team spirit and to learn self-defense, as young [...]

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April 9, 20118 Comments

Hong Kong sex ed illustration causes stir among mainland Chinese netizens

From NetEase “Where did I come from?” Whenever Chinese parents are asked this question by their kids, they have bones in their throats. Recently, a series of pictures of a sex education textbook used in Hong Kong were posted on China’s popular discussion forum MOP, which answers this question with simple language and illustrations. Many [...]

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February 21, 20112 Comments

It’s just like them TV dramaz: Two girls fight over the same guy (with English subtitles)

Well, fake or real, this is simply too darn funny not to merit a post AND a promotion to our prestigious “Featured Article” status. Let the lulz commence.

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February 14, 20113 Comments

Hong Kong chief keeps travel costs low, inspires Chinese netizens to mull over “one country two systems.”

From IFENG (Phoenix Weekly Online) Last week, the government of Hong Kong made public expenses of visits made by Donald Tsang in the past four years, the chief executive of Hong Kong. From November 2007 to November 2010, Donald Tsang paid altogether 40 visits, costing HK$987,086 (about US$127,000), including HK$540,000 on air fair. Chinese netizens [...]

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