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October 26, 20123 Comments

Kindergarten teacher’s child abuse photo album sparks public fury

A young female kindergarten teacher pulls a little boy off the floor by his years. She keeps smiling, while the boy are crying out loud, his ears twisted out of shape. This was the most circulated image on Chinese social media yesterday. Net users were so outraged by the scene that they spread the image around, vowing to ferret out the identity of the monster and bring her to justice.

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August 28, 20126 Comments

Official caught smiling at deadly bus crash scene enrages internet vigilantes

Photos of a government official beaming at his colleagues at the scene of a road accident, in which 36 people were burned to death, have been circulating on the Chinese social media sites. Netizens set human flesh search engine in motion and soon found that the official has expensive taste for luxury watches. A long-distance [...]

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August 24, 2012One Comment

Video: 19-year-old drunk driver w/o license makes out with girlfriend after killing one in crash

From Sina Weibo, Anhui Satellite TV, KDNet On the early morning of August 21, according to a news program on Anhui Satellite TV, a car in Chengdu killed one person and injured two others in a crash. The driver was a 19-year-old man. Police inspection showed that the driver was under influence and does not [...]

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September 30, 20114 Comments

Daughter of Chinese official bent on proving her designer handbags are knock-offs to quash public rage

From Xinhua and Southern Metropolitan Weekly A user “Little Xixi Xi” achieved a certain notoriety and triggered the powerful human flesh search engine on Sina Weibo, after she posted a photo of herself carrying a Louis Vuitton bag on one hand, and a Hermes Birkin bag on the other. Flaunting wealth is tantamount to playing [...]

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September 21, 20112 Comments

Paid actor cries foul over his Aunt Sally role set up by tabloid talk show

Do not get too absorbed in or emotional over the drama on Chinese reality TV shows, because it may not be real. A young man named Su Hailong had to approach news reporters and clarify that he was hired by a Jerry-Springer-type tabloid TV talk show producer to play the unfilial son, who has become a [...]

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August 26, 20113 Comments

Chinese mull on privacy, surveillance cameras after breast-mauling driver caught speeding

A Chinese driver held the wheel with his left hand, driving the car at a speed of 92 kilometers per hour (57.5 mph), while extending his right hand onto the breast of the woman in the front passenger seat. Both the driver and the woman showed full composure. Had they known they would soon become [...]

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July 22, 201111 Comments

Video: Cat brutally abused and choked by a young couple; netizens furious

A video clip has been recently posted online showing that in a neighborhood in Tongzhou District, Beijing, a woman repeatedly submerged a kitty’s head into a puddle. After a cat of bigger size came over and tried to rescue the kitty by holding it in the mouth, a man chased the bigger cat away, tossed [...]

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April 5, 201114 Comments

Chinese demand execution of a student, accuse state TV of siding murderers

Yao Jiaxin, a 21-year-old student at the Xi’an Conservatory of Music in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, stabbed a peasant woman to death after hitting her with his car. Should he be sentenced to death?

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