April 26, 20124 Comments

Life journey of Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Africans, Middle Easterners, Indians, and North Koreans

From Renren Life journey of a Chinese o to 10 years old: Be forced to learn to master various skills for the sake of gaining face and certificates 10 to 20 years old: Wars against mountains of books Age 20 to 30: Send millions of resumes to get a job 30-40 years old: Become a [...]

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April 16, 201212 Comments

Curious Chinese ask stereotypical questions about India; a smarty-pants answers them all

The following content comes from a discussion thread in a forum in Baidu dedicated to topics related to CBS sit-com The Big Bang Theory. (A condensed version can be found here.)The author asserted that he spent 8 months in rural India and stayed with his Indian classmate, during which he did research for his thesis [...]

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March 6, 2011407 Comments

Northeast India seeks secession from India and integration into China; netizens’ comments

From discussion forum of Disclaimer: translation does not imply endorsement or disproval. People in the states of northeast India, including Arunachal Pradesh, whose major territory is claimed by the China as part of South Tibet, were severely discriminated against by other regions of India, since residents there look more like Chinese than Indians. The [...]

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