Internet censorship

December 6, 20122 Comments

Chinese Netizens add their Voice to Call for a Free and Open Internet

From 3rd December 2012, governments have been meeting in Dubai to take part in the International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU’s) meeting where officials from around the world have been discussing possible changes to international Internet governance. The ITU, the 147 year-old organisation, which is now a branch of the United Nations is often a forum where developing countries, sometimes with [...]

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November 27, 2012No Comments

Hottest English portmanteaus with Chinese characteristics

Below is a list of the so-called hottest English words on Twitter posted onto Sina Weibo by Gao Xiaosong, famous songwriter and media commentator. Some of them, such as niubility and shitizen, have already entered the Internet vocabulary and come into wide use by Chinese netizens. Others are rather new, but the social phenomena they [...]

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November 16, 2012One Comment

Chinese instantly like their new leader, Xi Jinping

(Note: for the full video of the new leadership debut with Chinese to English interpretation, go to Youku) The results of the selection, oops, election of Chinese new leadership were finally revealed. There was no suspense as to who will be the next president and premier, but educated guesses over the rest five spots on [...]

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October 28, 2012No Comments

Following Ningbo’s civil protests over chemical project on Weibo

The third major wave of NIMBY protests out of environmental concerns erupted in China’s southeastern city of Ningbo in Zhejiang province. But what makes it different from the previous two, one in Shifang, Sichuan province and the other in Qidong, Jiangsu province, is that the flow of information about the protest is obstructed on Chinese [...]

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April 9, 20128 Comments

Titanic 3D–A sign of China’s stricter censorship

In the past two weeks, the Chinese government put a temporary gag to the social media and shut down Maoist sites to quell undesirable political discussion, many netizens were busy deciphering the signals the state intends to send – does it mean the tightening of censorship? This is probably true, at least on the entertainment [...]

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March 31, 201225 Comments

China puts a gag on social media and makes arrests for coup rumors

China has shut down 16 websites, placed a blanket comment ban on two microblogging services, and apprehended six people as punishment for their “concocting and/or disseminating” coup rumors. On the morning of March 31, Sina Weibo users who tried to leave comments received an error message from the system, “To all Weibo users, recently, comments [...]

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September 29, 201110 Comments

Facebookish American befuddled by China’s internet censorship gets lectured by Chinese

He is an American. He names himself Mike on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service which combines features of Twitter and Facebook and has 90 million users. He has recently come to China. That’s all we know about him so far. An average Joe who loves and seeks adventure in the Middle Kingdom, just like [...]

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March 20, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Chinese sovereignty is sacred and inviolable!

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among many other popular foreign websites and web services, are blocked by China’s Great Firewall, an infrastructure designed to make some internet content inaccessible to Chinese internet users, unless they use proxy or VPN to get around it. Gmail and Google search engine are blocked intermittently, and even when they are [...]

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