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November 26, 20124 Comments

Aircraft-carrier style: Chinese netizens celebrate landing of carrier-based fighter with funny-looking pose

China successfully lands the first carrier-based fighter jet – J15 – on its newly christened aircraft carrier. But instead of the news itself, it is a rather trivial detail in a television news segment about it that has held Chinese netizens enthralled and inspired a new geeky and warped Internet meme. This is a screen [...]

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August 7, 2012One Comment

New Internet meme: China has completed 62% of its great revival

How long are Chinese people away from its great revival, the ultimate goal of the nation? Well, to put it in the most ‘scientific’ and statistically correct perspective, the goal is 62 percent completed, according to a Chinese expert on August 3. Using a quantified index to measure the progress of the nation’s revival has [...]

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July 10, 20122 Comments

Latest Chinese Internet meme after CCTV’s ‘David Gate’–Dressing the nude in artwork

From NetEase China Central Television, the state-run national broadcaster, becomes a laughingstock after it blurred David’s penis in a newscast about an exhibition in the National Museum of China. The censors’ heavy hand to the Renaissance masterpiece created by the Italian artist Michelangelo has become the fodder for an Internet meme and inspired a new [...]

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February 3, 20122 Comments

Despite ugly tension between Hong Kong and mainland China, HK’s accusatory ad becomes Internet meme

From Sina Weibo Since the demonstration in front of a Dolce & Gabbana store in Hong Kong targeting tourists from mainland China in early January, spats between Hong Kong residents and mainland Chinese have finally escalated to nasty confrontation, culminating in a viral parody music video on Youtube and a full-page ad run in a [...]

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November 21, 201110 Comments

Photos: Comparing China and Other Countries

From Sina Weibo: Recently a collection of photographs that shows how some aspects of Chinese people’s lives differ from those of people in some other countries, mainly the U.S., has gone viral on the Internet. A comparison of school buses in China and in the U.S. In the wake of a deadly school bus crash [...]

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November 2, 201113 Comments

The Ordinary, the Artistic and the Idiotic (Putong, Wenyi and Erbi) – the hottest Internet meme happening now in China

It all started just like any other Internet memes. Some folks on the internets posted a series of composite photos, each consisting of three images of some young people. From left to right, or top to bottom, the three images would respectively represent An ordinary youth (putong qingnian, 普通青年), An artistic youth (wenyi qingnian, 文艺青年, [...]

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