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October 18, 20123 Comments

China’s ‘Basketball Grandma’ fighting aging and poverty becomes Internet star

Zhu Shumei, 76, has captured Chinese net users’ hearts lately. Standing only 150 cm tall (5 ft.), the hunchbacked granny plays basketball every day on a university campus in Jinhua, Zhejiang in East China. After photos of her exercising got viral on Chinese social media, netizens gave her a lovely nickname: “Basketball Grandma.” However, her life is not as sunny as she seems.

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May 9, 201246 Comments

Video: Foreigner beaten by Beijingers for sexually assaulting a Chinese woman in public

Update: It has been confirmed by Beijing Police that the foreigner in the video, a Briton, did commit sexual assault and has been detained. He was also seen sexually harassing five other women on the subway train by rubbing his genitals against their bodies on the same day prior to the rape attempt.  Foreigner expats in [...]

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December 9, 2011One Comment

To enhance cleavage, C-list actress squeezes breasts so hard that blood veins show

From NetEase 23-year-old actress Liu Yuxin appeared in several TV dramas before, where she often had minor roles and bit parts. Then this year, she took a supporting role in Startled by Each Step, one of China’s hottest TV series.  Just as television viewers started to remember her face and name, her red-carpet look on [...]

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October 3, 201115 Comments

How Americans view ‘Sister Feng,’ China’s most-hated reality star, and how Chinese respond to it

Here is a news story by New York Post, which gives you heads-up as to Sister Feng’s whereabouts. If you don’t know who Sister Feng is, read the story below. The most-hated woman in China is hiding out as a humble manicurist in Brooklyn. While anonymous in New York, Feng Luoyu, 26, wouldn’t be able [...]

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September 27, 20119 Comments

*Graphic warning* Oktoberfest-like dog meat festival called off due to public aversion

From Huanqiu and Kanka News Organized dog meat consumption, a 600-year-old tradition in the city of Jinhua, Zhejiang province, was met with strong criticism after gruesome pictures of mass slaughter of dogs on the street for previous events put off most netizens and antagonized animal protection organizations. The city government eventually announced that the annual [...]

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August 3, 20115 Comments

Video: KPMG Shanghai employees’ double adultery busted by in-laws and police

Two married employees, Amy and Rex, at the Shanghai office of KPMG, one of the Big Four international auditors, were caught by their spouses, relatives and friends as well as local police in their love nest. The entire process has been videotaped and uploaded onto the internet, and the captions groan with detailed background information, [...]

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July 12, 20117 Comments

Video: 7-year-old Chinese girl uses violence against cousin, cheered by father

(From Recently, a video of a 7-year-old girl bullying her cousin of the same age has become viral on Chinese internet. The girl’s father, who is the brother of the little boy’s mother, stood aside and cheered the girl, who had clearly gained the upper hand, while videotaping the entire episode. The girl, emboldened [...]

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July 7, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Handsome Chinese Uncle Naan becomes internet heartthrob

From NetEase Pictures of a street vendor in Ningbo, eastern Zhejiang province have circulated virally on Chinese internet. So far, altogether 50,000 strong microblog users shared the pictures from different sources. Because the mustachioed vendor sells naan, a round flatbread popular in most central Asian regions, netizens call him Uncle Naan. On one of the [...]

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March 25, 2011No Comments

Post author plays trick to fish for sympathy and raise money for needy family. Moral debate: Is it right to lie and hype for altruism?

It all started from a post on the web. According to the post on Tianya, one of China’s most popular online forum, Xie Sanxiu (谢三秀) is the mother of a 6-month-old baby girl named Hou Shanshan (侯珊珊) who was diagnosed with eye cancer four months ago. Her family has spent all their savings and can no [...]

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