December 23, 2015No Comments

Xi pushes “cyber sovereignty” at the World Internet Conference in China

The 3rd World Internet Conference, initiated and hosted by China, wrapped up last week in Wuzhen. During the conference, President Xi made several remarks promoting ”cyber sovereignty”, or the idea that each country should be free to govern the internet the way they see fit. Emphasis was placed on governance and maintaining “peace and order” while still [...]

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April 20, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Diandian v. Tumblr, another classic Chinese copycat in the Internet age

We can’t fail to notice how many similarities Chinese social network and Facebook share. We also find Chinese Fanfou reminiscent of the old Twitter. But this February, Kai-fu Lee, former Google China president and now a chairman of a venture capital fund Innovative Works, bankrolled a Beijing-based startup with more than $1 million. What [...]

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January 6, 20117 Comments

Most-viewed China-related photos of 2010 in China’s cyberspace

From Southern Weekend and NetEase On August 23, 2010, a tourist from Hong Kong held hostage by a gunman in Manila, Philippines was being transferred from the hijacked tourist bus by paramedics. The 12-hour standoff ended with a crossfire between the captor and the police, claiming lives of eight Hong Kong tourists and the captor. [...]

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