September 28, 20123 Comments

Frame by frame, Chinese anime blatantly plagiarizes Japan’s Hikarian: Great Railroad Protector

It may be offensive to review how China lags far behind and yet is so eager to imitate Japan at a time when anti-Japanese sentiments have swept China, but a video that compares scenes of the Japanese anime “Hikarian: Great Railroad Protector” with a Chinese cartoon called “高铁侠”, which literally means ‘High-speed Train Hero’, can [...]

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September 16, 20129 Comments

On Weibo, Japanophobic mobsters are far from the majority

By Sunday, September 16, hundreds of thousands of Chinese in 85 cities had participated in the two-day anti-Japanese street protests, according to Japan’s Kyodo News, many of which ended on a hideous note, with properties that are made in Japan or sound Japanese-owned smashed, ransacked and burnt down by mobsters. Photos and footage of the monstrosity on [...]

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September 15, 201214 Comments

Chinese businesses, car owners play nationalist card to appeal to Japan haters and avoid violence

Photos from Sina Weibo and NetEase The Sino-Japanese relations have come to a complete frost after Tokyo’s recent announcement of its intent to nationalize the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands which are currently administered by Japan but claimed by China. Chinese’ century-old resentment against Japan has flared up once again. In addition to protests and clamor that filled [...]

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July 8, 20122 Comments

War between Japan and China over Diaoyu/Senkaku islands is waged on iPad

From NetEase A Chinese computer game developer launched a new iPad game, called Defend the Diaoyu Islands, set against the backdrop of the ongoing land dispute between Japan and China over a group of uninhabited islands in the Each China Sea. In the first week after its launching, the game stormed to the top 10 [...]

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April 20, 20123 Comments

80% of students can ‘do anything’ for China, while near half wish they were born elsewhere

From China Youth Daily 90.2% of Chinese high school students say they are proud to be Chinese; 80.7% reply, “If my country (China) is in crisis, I am willing to do anything for my country.” China, among all four countries that participated in this poll, has the highest percentage of nationalists, a recent survey found. [...]

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October 14, 2011One Comment

First maid restaurant opens in Kunming; netizens’ reaction

Photos from China News A maid-themed restaurant recently opened in Kunming. All waitresses dress as cute and submissive Japanese maid-servants. As this is the first maid-themed restaurant to open in Kunming, it has attracted customers of all ages to come check it out, especially the anime-loving youth demographic. The staff treat the customers as masters and mistresses in a [...]

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March 14, 201120 Comments

Chinese see quake-hit Japan as role model, engage in self-reflection

On March 11, Japan was rocked by a magnitude 8.9 (later revised to be 9.0) earthquake, which triggered several extremely powerful tsunamis that engulfed much of northeastern Japan’s coastline and razed countless buildings and villages. As of Monday morning, the official statistics put the death toll at 1,600. However, over 20,000 were unaccounted for, and [...]

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March 4, 20113 Comments

Chinese college student: I have a Japanese boyfriend

From Southern Weekend When I meet a new person, the atmosphere soon plunged into frost. Usually after each one introduces himself, there is nothing left to say. Every time this happens, our mutual friends always come over to break the ice by starting with “Hey, you know? Her boyfriend is a Japanese!” Once this subject [...]

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December 25, 20107 Comments

African soccer fans mistake Japanese referee as Chinese, smash Chinese-owned stores; Chinese netizens reactions

After a DP Congolese soccer club lost in the Club World Cup in Lubumbashi, a city in DP Congo where the club is based, local soccer fans angered by the referee’s decisions took to the streets and smashed and looted businesses run by Chinese, because they mistook the Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura as Chinese. If [...]

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November 25, 20102 Comments

Adult video bridges the chasm between Japan and China – on porn and sex ed in China (Final Part)

Part One of the Series A mentor Chinese netizens half-jokingly called Sora Aoi “An enlightening teacher to the youth.” In a sense, many Japanese porn stars do play an important role in sex education where China lags far behind. China has a sexually suppressive culture. Even today, many people consider talking about sex risque. Older [...]

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November 18, 20106 Comments

Adult video bridges the chasm between Japan and China – on porn and sex ed in China (Part 1)

Diplomatic relations between Japan and China have frosted to a freezing point since September after dispute over sovereignty of Senkaku, or Diaoyu, a group of uninhabited islets which is currently controlled by Japan but also claimed by China. If any tie between the two Asian powers is unaffected, it would be the one formed by [...]

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