August 23, 20122 Comments

Video: Romance, Chinese style

From Youku Youtube version (English captions by Ministry of Tofu) Full text below: Love, the seemingly sacred and beautiful word, is no longer that simple these days. After the Chinese society went through roller-coaster changes in the past few years, marriage, this topic of significance, seems to be more than just a matter of love. The [...]

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March 25, 20124 Comments

Post-1970s, Post-1980s, Post-1990s –  The enhanced Chinese generation gap

Note: Gil Hizi is Ministry of Tofu’s contributor. He is also the chief editor of website Thinking Chinese. China is giving great attention to the sharp differences between the 70hou (Post-1970s, Chinese born between 1970 and 1979), 80hou (Post-1980s, Chinese born between 1980 and 1989) and 90hou (Post-1990s, Chinese born between 1990 and 1999), as [...]

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December 8, 201110 Comments

Video: “Man without money is trash. Marriage is a colossal-sum transaction.”

From Youku A video, filled with face-to-face interviews with single men and women in Beijing, sparks debate on China’s Internet. Even though the video serves as a trailer for a comedy film titled “A Big Deal,” literally “A Colossal-sum Transaction,” and should not be taken as a news documentary, many of the hard-hitting arguments have [...]

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March 30, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Car coated with gold

On March 29th, a convertible Infiniti G-37 coupe coated with gold made an ostentatious appearance in downtown Nanjing, capital city of China’s eastern Jiangsu province. Onlookers surrounded the car out of curiosity. Ten minutes after the owner parked it in front of a department store, the car was towed away due to parking violation. (Picked [...]

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March 30, 20119 Comments

Harvard graduate preaches giving back to society on popular Chinese dating show

A young man from the United States named An Tian (安田) has inspired a country whose citizens are not typical generous givers, after he proclaimed on TV his ideal of ‘serving the people.’ Holding Bachelor’s from Harvard University, Master’s from Oxford University and a doctorate from University of California, Berkley in agricultural business, 28-year-old An [...]

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March 15, 20114 Comments

Picture of the day: standards set by Chinese women for finding a husband

    Three 180s: He must be as tall as 180 cm (nearly 6 feet), own a home as large as 180 square meters (roughly 1,940 square feet), and…um…180mm (7.08 inches), you know. Size matters.

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March 14, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: China’s future?

The post-2000 generation teaches you the core value of the society: You gotta have power, strength, women and money!

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November 27, 201012 Comments

Material greed of Chinese women turns Chinese men off; Western women become popular

Li Lei published on the Web an article titled “Chinese men love Western women,” asking Western women living in Beijing if they are willing to foster a long-term and serious relationship with a Chinese man. By long-term and serious relationship, he means marriage. In China, there are way fewer Chinese men marrying Western women than Chinese [...]

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