June 4, 2013No Comments

Wuhan may fine out-of-wedlock childbirth

Unmarried mothers and mistresses who give birth may have to pay a 80,000 yuan (USD13,000) fine, the Chinese city of Wuhan says Friday. According to Article 26 of a draft city ordinance published by the capital city of Hubei province, “Those who give birth and fail to provide valid identification from her partner,” or who [...]

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January 21, 2013No Comments

Viral love diary of mistress ends career of Yi Junqing, senior propaganda official

Five weeks after a lengthy chronicle of his sexual encounters with a woman went viral on the Chinese Internet, Yi Junqing, a high-ranking official, was fired for “improper lifestyle,” according to a terse news dispatch from the state-run Xinhua News Agency on January 17. Yi Junqing, director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, has [...]

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November 22, 20127 Comments

Sex tape of Chongqing official and 18-year-old mistress leaked online

Sex, lies, videotapes…when the three things are interwoven together with Chinese bureaucratic life, it is always fun to watch. In the past two days, a number of pictures that show a man and a woman having sex in a hotel room have been viral on Chinese social media. These are the screen grabs of a sex video of Lei Zhengfu, the party boss of Chongqing’s Beibei District, having sex with his 18-year-old mistress. Initial investigation of Chongqing’s Discipline Inspection Commission reveals that the video was not fake or manipulated.

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August 3, 20115 Comments

Video: KPMG Shanghai employees’ double adultery busted by in-laws and police

Two married employees, Amy and Rex, at the Shanghai office of KPMG, one of the Big Four international auditors, were caught by their spouses, relatives and friends as well as local police in their love nest. The entire process has been videotaped and uploaded onto the internet, and the captions groan with detailed background information, [...]

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July 20, 2011One Comment

Chinese wife Wendi Deng swipes at attacker of husband Rupert Murdoch; Chinese netizens’ reaction

Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who heads News Corp. among many other news organizations around the globe, has recently been mired in public opprobrium for the wiretapping scandal by the British tabloid News of the World he owns. When a frustrated Rupert Murdoch was questioned by a British parliamentary panel Tuesday, a man approached him [...]

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March 17, 2011No Comments

Video: Shanghai’s rich pissy woman thumps piano, makes a scene

A dressy woman placed her bag onto an expensive piano displayed in a piano store in Shanghai. The shop assistant who babied the display item told the woman that she was going to put the car somewhere else. Then the woman threw a great fit. What claims attention is, while both the shop assistant and [...]

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February 25, 201113 Comments

First Chinese forum for mistresses shares experiences, advocates rights, social recognition

From Apple Daily xeixe.com is the official website of China Association for Care of Xiaosan (小三, “little three”, refers to a woman, who as a third person causes stirs to and wreaks havoc on conjugal happiness.) The president of the association even published An Open Letter to Peoples Around the World, in which it says [...]

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February 21, 20112 Comments

It’s just like them TV dramaz: Two girls fight over the same guy (with English subtitles)

Well, fake or real, this is simply too darn funny not to merit a post AND a promotion to our prestigious “Featured Article” status. Let the lulz commence.

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February 15, 20114 Comments

Vengeful Chinese wife spreads sex photos of hubby and mistress

From Haixia; Sina; NetEase A Chinese woman, who has just divorced her husband over extramarital affairs, attached dozens of uncensored sex pictures to an email intended for several high-tech businesses in Zhongguancun, or Beijing’s “Silicon Valley.” The pictures, which were later pixelized, have become viral over the internet, and the incident is dubbed “Little Three [...]

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December 18, 2010No Comments

News photo of snowy weather exposes extramarital affair

From Mop.com and douban.com Saturday, a news photo of pedestrians shivering in the chilly wind comes with the story The First Snow of This Winter on the front page of Wuxi Daily. The next day, a man made a phone call to the newspaper, lodging a complaint that the photo has captured him and his mistress [...]

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