December 4, 2012No Comments

Chinese civil servants in the eyes of ordinary Chinese

On November 23 and 24, over 1.12 million Chinese across the country flooded to universities and schools to take the annual national civil service exam and jostle with one another for 20,839 positions. China Central Television interviewed a bunch of people in the street for their impressions of civil servants. Some answers really go home.

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February 26, 20124 Comments

Civil servant’s son sets teen girl on fire after being rejected

From Sina Weibo Zhou Yan, 17, will never forget what happened to her on September 17, 2011. After she turned down her classmate Tao Rukun, who had been courting her assiduously, Tao poured kerosene oil on her and set fire to her to disfigure her face. Zhou’s face, neck and chest area were severely burned. [...]

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