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October 26, 201222 Comments

What consequences must a laowai (foreigner) accept if he marries a Chinese woman?

The following is translation of a blog post written by a Chinese stand-up comedian living in the United States. He claims he interviewed “a dozen laowai married to Chinese wives” before he summed it up in this article, which lists “no privacy”, “a palate for everything”, “driving kids to death” among others as the consequences of an interracial marriage between a Chinese woman and a foreigner. The post, published yesterday, immediately gained popularity on Chinese social media and Internet forums.

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July 9, 2012One Comment

Photos: Hometown of overseas Chinese in desolation

From NetEase In the past few decades, about 200,000 people from Changle, Fujian province joined the gold rush to the other side of the Pacific Ocean with nothing but a daring spirit and permanently changed the map of the Chinese diaspora in the United States. While Changle is quickly absorbing and amassing wealth from abroad, [...]

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April 12, 201213 Comments

Two Chinese students at USC shot dead in LA; netizens hurl insults at overseas Chinese

From China Digital Times citing Reuters Two international students from China were shot dead on Wednesday in a “gang-infested” area near the University of Southern California, Los Angeles police said. Police described the students as a man and woman, both Chinese USC students in their 20s, and said they found the woman shot dead inside [...]

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September 9, 20115 Comments

Photos: Chinese blaze new paths in Africa

From NetEase In the past eight months of 2011 alone, Chinese direct investment in Africa amounts to 32.3 billion U.S. dollars. “Chinese can be seen every day. There are traces of China everywhere,” Africans say. Over one million Chinese are now carving out their own paths in today’s Africa, and tasting the glory and hardship [...]

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February 14, 2011No Comments

Video: Chinese in Foreigners’ Eyes

The video is made by a Chinese expat in London. It includes many interesting but not necessarily flattering or positive comments on China from people around the globe.

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February 10, 201111 Comments

“American doctors suck,” overseas Chinese debate over health care

From MITBBS, a famous online community for true-born mainland Chinese who study and work abroad, mostly in the United States. Disclaimer: translation does not imply endorsement or disproval. There are very few good doctors in the U.S. I was ill several times in both China and the U.S. Many American doctors are pigheaded. pudonghao on [...]

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January 27, 201127 Comments

Overseas Chinese students’ reactions to the “Tiger Mom” parenting controversy

Chia-fu: By far, I think it is safe to assume that the majority of MiniTofu readers have heard of the name Amy Chua, aka the “Tiger Mother”. (For those uninitiated, read here and here. ) As a frequenter to Chinese forums, I came across this interesting and quite provocative thread on MITBBS, a famous online [...]

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January 13, 20117 Comments

Chinese students are paid to “spontaneously” welcome President’s visit to the U.S.

From Radio Free Asia and Boxun Chinese President Hu Jintao is about to visit the United States later this month. Meanwhile, Chinese consulates and student associations in U.S. universities are gathering steam to mobilize students’ interest. Multiple Chinese student associations based in and near Washington D.C. and Chicago have issued notices saying that those who [...]

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January 2, 20113 Comments

Chinese village full of New Yorkers: a story of illegal emigration

From Nanfang Daily The decline of Caozhu Village is at the same pace with that of many rural villages in China. What’s different is, here, desolateness is caused by affluence instead of poverty. People have left waves after waves for their American dream. Their pursuit of happiness leads to a faraway city that has a 13-hour [...]

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