performance art

March 16, 20122 Comments

Qingdao homeowners step up NIMBY protests against power substation

From NetEase and iFeng On March 15, China’s Consumer Rights Protection Day, about 100 homeowners took to the street in Qingdao, Shandong province, and decried the planned construction of an adjacent 220 kilovolts substation, with an element of performance art. “Vanke Doesn’t Have Moral Conscience,” the combination of individual characters on the protesters’ shirts says. [...]

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February 15, 2012One Comment

Picture of the day: A rigidly stratified Chinese society

A vivid portrayal of the Chinese society: The upper class is doing the splits (slang for two-timing); the middle class is being brainwashed; the lower class is awaiting their doom. (Picked from Sina Weibo)

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February 10, 20128 Comments

Woman holds three crawling men on chain leashes to promote feminism, frowned upon by netizens

From NetEase Three men enslaved by a woman docilely submitted to their master’s abuse. This was a performance put on by four young Chinese artists on the streets of Wuhan trying to promote feminism.  However, it was terribly received by residents of Wuhan, as many passers-by “found the claptrap obnoxious.” On February 8, four men [...]

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September 28, 2011One Comment

Kun Opera on Nanjing subway

Kunqu, or Kun Opera, boasting its 600 years of history, recently made a refreshing appearance on Nanjing’s subway train. The campaign, titled “The Grreat Beauty of Kunqu sees its entry and play in the Subway” [Chia-fu signs at the inherent loss of meaning and beauty in translation], is a joint venture by Nanjing metro authority [...]

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February 14, 2011One Comment

Photos: what goes on in Chinese love hotel

Found on i-oo Clarification: We didn’t really know this one was featured in other sites, for example, We just stumbled upon the photos and thought it is cool to share them. At any rate, we will try to make posts as up-to-date as possible from now on. China has a few newly-built fanciful or [...]

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January 29, 20117 Comments

Chinese performance artist silently protests forced eviction by becoming “Invisible Man”

From Global Times Chinese Liu Bolin (刘勃麟) was born in 1973 in Shandong province. He graduated from Shandong Art Institute in 1995. He is well-known for making photographs of himself camouflaged in any environment. Each of his photos requires long hours of preparation, the longest being ten plus hours. He transforms himself into a painting [...]

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December 21, 20107 Comments

Photo diary records air pollution and belies China’s official count of “Blue Sky Days”

From and 365 Days of “Blue Sky Diary” by Two Beijingers Two people, a foolproof film camera, a heart that embraces a blue sky, and above  all, perseverance that carries them on for 365 days. What can these do? Let’s count how many purely “blue sky days” Beijing has in a year. Photographers Lu Weiwei [...]

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December 16, 20106 Comments

Chinese beauty artist known for erotica sparks debate on marriage with feminist remarks

From Wenxuecity and QQ : Yi Yang, member of International Artists Association and a Chinese artist, has gained wide fame on the Internet for her paintings focusing on erotica. Her works on display in the streets of Beijing have come under fire. She came up with a catchy slogan “Leftover women, do not get married! Let’s [...]

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