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October 4, 20123 Comments

Pic of the day: White Guards

White guards? Four foreigners wearing red armbands join Beijing public security officers as volunteers Wednesday to patrol on the city’s streets. (Picked from NetEase)

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September 5, 2012No Comments

Pic of the day: Quadruplets hairdos

Identical quadruplets in Shenzhen get numeral hair-dos for school teachers to tell them apart. (Picked from Xinhua)

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August 23, 2012One Comment

Pic of the day: Sculpture of erotic/filial pigs in Zhengzhou’s CBD

FAIL? Residents in Zhengzhou think the sculpture on the city’s landmark square, featuring a busty female pig lying on the ground and a male pig kneeling behind her, is “too raunchy”, whereas the sculptor says it is only a filial piglet giving his mother a slow-stroke back massage.

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August 17, 2012One Comment

Pic of the day: Nanchang Train Station fences off benches, calling travelers’ rest an eyesore

From NetEase In the southeastern city of Nanchang, the management of the city’s railway station has enclosed all outdoor stone benches with metal fencing to prevent travelers from sitting down on them, saying that travelers using the benches may harm the city’s image. Travelers hoping to stop for a rest have to either lean on [...]

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August 4, 20122 Comments

Pic of the day: Chinese auntie uses sex doll to slow down speeding drivers

According to Metropolitan Express, an auntie in eastern China’s Shandong province was fed up with cars roaring past her home on the street side. And that the local government cannot do anything about it only made her angrier. Then she came up with a brilliant idea: she tied a sex doll covered with a red [...]

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February 22, 2012One Comment

Picture of the day: Women collapse from discomfort in kissing contest

On February 18, over 50 couples competed in a kissing contest in Hefei, Anhui province, for a chance to win a one-karat diamond ring worth 50,000 yuan. During the process, several young women collapsed from hanging on for longer than their bodies can bear. Eventually, a young couple who locked lips for for 2 hours [...]

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February 16, 20122 Comments

Picture of the day: Want a ride on the bus in Beijing?

At about 5:30 p.m. on February , a No. 815 public bus arriving at a stop near Beijing’s Guomao area was packed like a sardine can. Seeing that the front and the rear bus doors were blocked by passengers, those eager to get a ride home jostled with one another to climb into the bus [...]

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February 15, 2012One Comment

Picture of the day: A rigidly stratified Chinese society

A vivid portrayal of the Chinese society: The upper class is doing the splits (slang for two-timing); the middle class is being brainwashed; the lower class is awaiting their doom. (Picked from Sina Weibo)

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July 27, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Glasses installed on China’s high rises pose hidden peril

The first high rise with glass curtain walls was completed in 1985. Since then, a glass curtain wall construction spree has begun in Shanghai. Currently, Shanghai has the biggest number of structures with glass walls in China – somewhere between 4,000 to 5,000. However, the national standards for glass curtain wall were not established until [...]

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July 22, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Tens of thousands of fish go belly-up in northern China

On July 21, dead bodies of tens of thousands of fish floated on the surface of Hai River along the riverside in Tianjin’s Tanggu District.  An employee from the local environmental supervision department said that recent heavy rainfall had brought hazardous and toxic pollutants in large quantities into the river, killing the fish. (Picked from [...]

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July 21, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Street vendors strip off pants of parapolice chengguan officer

On the afternoon of July 16, a chengguan officer surnamed Han was besieged by street vendors in Wuhan, Hubei province, given a beating and stripped off of pants. The job of the city management “chengguan” forces in China is to regulate street vendors and outlaw those without a license or permit. Chengguan in China are [...]

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July 14, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Tsinghua University uses SNS photo tagging for muster call

Unexcused absence is a breach of school discipline very commonly seen in Chinese universities. While faculty members try to make attendance and participation count towards the final grades and call the muster in class, students manage to exploit loopholes. For example, students required by professors to sign in on the roster would do it on [...]

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July 13, 20114 Comments

Picture of the day: Voyeurism taken to the next level

Beware of a peeping tom lurking nearby, armed with the high-end technology. Even though there is no sign that voyeurism in China is going rampant, you may not wish to risk being taken advantage of. According to this newspaper clipping, the latest invention enabled by the necessity is to install a candid camera onto a [...]

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July 11, 20118 Comments

Pictures of the day: When heat waves hit China, people have solutions

July 7 of each year is called Lesser Heat, according to Chinese traditional Twenty-Four Solar Terms, which marks the beginning of the hottest days in summer. People all over China have either taken out their artillery and declared war on the heat, or flocked to the favorite  summer haunts for a little shade and crispness. (Picked from IFENG and KDNet) The [...]

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May 26, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Chinese college students go barechested to protest lengthy keynote

On March 25 at the opening ceremony of Graduates’ Works Exhibition at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, the head of the Academy was delivering a speech when a group of students butted in, lifted their t-shirts and lay on the ground to protest that the speech was too lengthy and boring. The Propaganda Department of [...]

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May 13, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Migrant worker climbs on crane, strips off pants to get wages

The problem of wage arrears is endemic in construction sites and factories across China. A report from the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reveals that by the end of 2008, there was a total of 225.42 million migrant workers in China, and about 5.8% of them did not get all due wages before the Chinese New [...]

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May 12, 2011No Comments

May 7, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Public foot-washing in celebration of Mother’s Day

On the afternoon of May 6, 100 students at Mingde Elementary School in the town of Xingangshan administered by the city of Dexing, Jiangxi province gathered on the campus playground and washed feet of their mothers to show filial piety and celebrate the forthcoming Mother’s Day. (Picked from Xinhua)    

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May 3, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Beauties hired by property developer scatter cash to woo potential buyers

In Zhenjiang, a city in eastern Jiangsu province, a property developer hired three pretty young women to scatter 100-yuan paper money from the second floor of a villa, after heavy wind prevented them from doing it from a hot-air balloon. The real estate is located within a tourist resort. The PR stunt was meant to [...]

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May 2, 20119 Comments

Picture of the day: Sexual assault on Chinese street; passers-by turn a blind eye

On Tianlin Road in Xuhui District, Shanghai, a man in black suit sexually molested a woman right in the full public glare. He not only kissed her forcibly, but lifted her top and sucked her bosoms. The shocking scene drew attention from passers-by. However, they simply watched with arms crossed or videotaped the scene with [...]

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