April 27, 20122 Comments

Help yourself China – The rise of self-help culture and its unique Chinese features

Note: Gil Hizi is Ministry of Tofu’s contributor. He is also the chief editor of website Thinking Chinese. In the last few decades, self-help culture, in the form of advice books, accessible knowledge and popularized expertise is blooming in the Western world as well as in many developing countries. China is no exception. Commercialized medicine, [...]

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December 1, 20117 Comments

Photos of transgender woman Chu Chu and Chinese netizens’ reaction

From QQ Chu Chu, a transgender woman, rents a small efficiency apartment near the transportation hub of the city of Bozhou, Anhui province. Chu Chu was born in 1975 in a rural family to parents who were folk artists. The family already had five daughters. Back then, he, the sixth child, was the only son. [...]

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