July 18, 20133 Comments

Chinese professor: Raping female escorts is less harmful than raping honest women

Li Tianyi, the 17-year-old son of a nationally known Chinese folk singer who holds the military rank of major general, has been charged with gang-raping one woman in February alongside four other teens. The case has been the center of attention in the past few months as it provides perfect fodder for social hatred in [...]

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June 30, 20124 Comments

Why 98.5% of Chinese want to abolish the crime of ‘whoring underage girls’

From 3g.cn On June 25, a symposium on the crime of ‘whoring underage girls’ once again drew the public attention onto the highly controversial legal concept. As the number of sexual assaults on young girls is on the rise, the outcry against the crime type is gaining momentum, as it is widely believed to have [...]

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May 9, 201246 Comments

Video: Foreigner beaten by Beijingers for sexually assaulting a Chinese woman in public

Update: It has been confirmed by Beijing Police that the foreigner in the video, a Briton, did commit sexual assault and has been detained. He was also seen sexually harassing five other women on the subway train by rubbing his genitals against their bodies on the same day prior to the rape attempt.  Foreigner expats in [...]

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April 4, 2012No Comments

Prostitution ring makes 13-year-old fake virginity with pigeon’s blood

The city police in Nanchang, eastern Jiangxi province busted a prostitution racket by arresting four people and rescuing three underage women, including one 13-year-old. The ring leader made his girls pretend virgins and sell sex at premium prices. The crime ring also blackmailed hundreds of thousands of yuan from victims of their badger games. When [...]

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July 13, 20115 Comments

Female teacher raped by local official. Police: Not if wearing condom.

From Qianzhong Morning Post Update: On July 13, owing to media coverage and public pressure, Wang Zhonggui was arrested on rape charges. An English teacher at a junior high school in the town of Ashi, Bijie Region, southwestern Guizhou province, was made by the school principal to drink liquor with eight local officials. After she [...]

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