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August 25, 20113 Comments

Photos: China’s college grads in ‘ant tribes’ pursue dreams

From QQ You can always meet such people: they came to an alien land all by themselves, sleep on cheap bunks, send bunches of application letters and try out new jobs, call their families and whine over the phone, and then assure them, “I can get it done.” In that case, they are very likely [...]

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May 3, 20112 Comments

Picture of the day: Beauties hired by property developer scatter cash to woo potential buyers

In Zhenjiang, a city in eastern Jiangsu province, a property developer hired three pretty young women to scatter 100-yuan paper money from the second floor of a villa, after heavy wind prevented them from doing it from a hot-air balloon. The real estate is located within a tourist resort. The PR stunt was meant to [...]

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March 15, 20114 Comments

Picture of the day: standards set by Chinese women for finding a husband

    Three 180s: He must be as tall as 180 cm (nearly 6 feet), own a home as large as 180 square meters (roughly 1,940 square feet), and…um…180mm (7.08 inches), you know. Size matters.

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February 18, 20112 Comments

Protection or discrimination? Beijing’s new property prices curbing policy divide residents

Beijing’s prohibitively high real estate prices have plagued the city’s dwellers for years. Wealthy speculators who buy several pieces of real estate for investment purpose are a major reason why the prices can’t cease soaring, which takes heavy toll on less well-off purchasers. Earlier this week, Beijing announced a new set of rules to thwart [...]

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January 8, 20112 Comments

Shanghai driver silently protests forced demolition in multiple languages in taxicab

From Twitter Handwritten Chinese text from top to bottom: “Zhabei (Jing’s note: a district of Shanghai) People’s Government’s forced demolition cornered a 40-year-old women to death. EVIL.” “Yesterday morning a woman hanged herself. The second-phase construction at Qiaodong on Qiujian Road.” Handwritten Chinese text from left to right: “Fight, struggle and stand up for rights.” [...]

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January 4, 20112 Comments

Sex sells? Chinese businesses hire pretty women to pose for property

Nowadays, if you go to any real estate trade show in China, you will never fail to notice pretty women seductively attired, some of them Caucasians, posing in front of booths. They are called fangmo in Chinese, or models for real property. Amidst China’s housing boom, they are used as a good vehicle for marketing. Models [...]

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December 1, 20103 Comments

Amazing! Unable to afford rent, Beijing vagabond builds and lives in an “egg” home

Beijing vagabond, a literal translation for the Chinese word beipiao, refers to the group of people who do not have a Beijing hukou (permanent residence), who migrated to Beijing from other places of China seeking opportunities and better life. Beipiao is also a life style of being a drifter in Beijing. Dai Haifei, 24, has [...]

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November 27, 201012 Comments

Material greed of Chinese women turns Chinese men off; Western women become popular

Li Lei published on the Web an article titled “Chinese men love Western women,” asking Western women living in Beijing if they are willing to foster a long-term and serious relationship with a Chinese man. By long-term and serious relationship, he means marriage. In China, there are way fewer Chinese men marrying Western women than Chinese [...]

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