rural migrants

October 25, 20122 Comments


A master’s graduate coming from rural China did not find an ideal job in the city and returned to his village to work on the farm. His father, who has been a peasant for his entire life, felt so humiliated and depressed by his son’s choice, or rather, lack of any, and attempted suicide. On [...]

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August 17, 20123 Comments

Children of migrant workers protest wage arrears

From NetEase On August 14, 13 children of rural migrant workers congregated at the entrance to a jade market in Dali, Yunnan province. Their ages range from 5 to 20. All of them held in their hands a hand-written sign demanding money to pay for their tuitions. Their parents worked for a construction project six [...]

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April 19, 20123 Comments

Photos: Rural migrants’ temporary abode

Note: By Adeline Wang, one of our contributors. From Sina Under the bridge, on the riverside, inside the tunnel, there are shelters that have become home to China’s massive workforce. The moment the skyscrapers are erected and replace what were there, those who help built them will leave without a trace. And those strangers, they [...]

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March 31, 20122 Comments

Left-behind rural woman poisoned herself and three kids, another tragedy in hollowed rural China

From NetEase & Mop On March 27, a 27-year-old woman in Sichuan province attempted to kill herself and her children with toxic herbicide, after she was severely depressed by the prospect of having to bring up their three young children alone while her husband is a thousand miles away. All four were still in hospital. The [...]

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March 28, 201212 Comments

Photos: Chinese family of 3 lives in transformed public restroom

From NetEase Skyrocketing housing prices and rents in Chinese cities have always been a vexing issue for urban dwellers in the past decade. Luckily, necessity is the mother of invention. Migrant workers who really have to tighten their purse strings have come up with a variety of ideas, ranging from ‘Egg House’ to ‘Capsule Inn’, [...]

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February 29, 20124 Comments

Photos: “If I were elected a deputy to Chinese legislature, what I would propose”

From NetEase The annual “two sessions” – one for the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislative body, and the other for Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, convene in Beijing on March 5 this year. Reporters with Xinhua News Agency visited a college campus, a bus station, a hospital, a construction site among other places and [...]

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January 5, 20123 Comments

China’s online railway ticket sales goes berserk; a rural migrant’s letter to railways officials

China’s Ministry of Railways has rolled out an ambitious plan to sell highly sought-after train tickets online for the upcoming Spring Festival Rush in an effort to ease the burden of securing a ticket. However, most people that tried to use the official online system experienced great difficulty and frustration while placing the order, and [...]

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