September 25, 2012No Comments

Hurdler Liu Xiang made fun of in ad for sexual dysfunction

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, the nation’s sports darling after snatching a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, has become the target of ridicule and a protagonist of a cautionary tale in an advertisement for premature ejaculation treatment. The photo of this advertisement in print has been viral on Chinese social media, including Sina [...]

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August 23, 2012One Comment

Pic of the day: Sculpture of erotic/filial pigs in Zhengzhou’s CBD

FAIL? Residents in Zhengzhou think the sculpture on the city’s landmark square, featuring a busty female pig lying on the ground and a male pig kneeling behind her, is “too raunchy”, whereas the sculptor says it is only a filial piglet giving his mother a slow-stroke back massage.

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April 17, 20119 Comments

Chinese job ad: Tea-leaf picking girls have to be virgins, C-cup and Up

From NetEase and Mop A job post on a job-hunting website based in Xinyang, a city in southern Henan province, said, “West Jiuhua Mountain scenic spot is hiring full-time tea-leaf pickers. A prospective employee has to be a woman with no sexual experience, has a bra size of at lease C, and has no scar [...]

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April 12, 20113 Comments

Video: Chinese singer charges RMB 80 grand for sex, undresses on candid camera

Ma Ruila (马睿菈), a small-time singer has become a “star” after a video clip of her undressing in front of an unknown man circulated on the web. According to the dialogue between Ma and her client, most Chinese actresses and singers have a price tag and will readily sell their bodies if enough cash is [...]

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March 10, 20113 Comments

Same-sex wedding on street of conservative China

From Huanqiu A special same-sex wedding ceremony was performed on Guanggu Car-free Street in Wuhan, Hubei Province on March 8. The wedding, which has no legal status in China, is actually a performance art organized by Wuhan’s homosexual rights group in a bid to express the community’s yearning for recognition and understanding from the masses. [...]

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February 25, 201113 Comments

First Chinese forum for mistresses shares experiences, advocates rights, social recognition

From Apple Daily is the official website of China Association for Care of Xiaosan (小三, “little three”, refers to a woman, who as a third person causes stirs to and wreaks havoc on conjugal happiness.) The president of the association even published An Open Letter to Peoples Around the World, in which it says [...]

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February 15, 20114 Comments

Vengeful Chinese wife spreads sex photos of hubby and mistress

From Haixia; Sina; NetEase A Chinese woman, who has just divorced her husband over extramarital affairs, attached dozens of uncensored sex pictures to an email intended for several high-tech businesses in Zhongguancun, or Beijing’s “Silicon Valley.” The pictures, which were later pixelized, have become viral over the internet, and the incident is dubbed “Little Three [...]

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February 14, 2011One Comment

Photos: what goes on in Chinese love hotel

Found on i-oo Clarification: We didn’t really know this one was featured in other sites, for example, We just stumbled upon the photos and thought it is cool to share them. At any rate, we will try to make posts as up-to-date as possible from now on. China has a few newly-built fanciful or [...]

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February 12, 20116 Comments

Sexy chicks on the train: Spring Festival Rush themed photos in FHM offend many Chinese

Photos from the photographer Liu Jianan’s blog The following photos were shot for the Chinese version of FHM, or For Him Magazine. On the February issue, many of the photos were taken down by self-censors for fear of coming for controversy during Chinese New Year. Now the entire series has been released and circulated online. [...]

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February 1, 20112 Comments

Condom highly sought after as gift for Chinese New Year

From New Express Daily Right before Chinese New Year, a.k.a Spring Festival (tomorrow), shopping centers and supermarkets have geared up for people’s shopping spree. Condoms have been lined up alongside with other merchandise, such as health products and electric appliances, as red-hot New Year gifts and have found their way into people’s shopping carts. Some [...]

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January 25, 2011One Comment

Chinese school requires teen students to keep a distance of 50cm from the opposite sex

Yandao Street Middle School in Chengdu, Sichuan Province has introduced new school codes of conduct in which the proper distance between two students of opposite sexes is set at 80 cm to 1 meter, or 31 inches to 40 inches. It constitutes intimacy, a transgression that subjects offenders to reprimand and even punishment, if the [...]

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January 5, 201119 Comments

First Chinese sex-negative website launched, bashing gays and masturbation among others

Recently, a non-governmental website that boldly campaigns against eroticism as well as homosexuality and masturbation has been launched in Shijiazhuang, and quickly received a massive number of hits. Over half of those who volunteered to build the site are women. They say their purpose is to educate people using their own experiences on harms [...]

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