November 19, 20129 Comments

Auto show publicly flogged for use of bikini-clad preteen girls as models

Photos from NetEase We are no stranger to the scantily-clad women and the whole sex-sells idea at Chinese auto shows. As if that were not controversial and low-taste enough, an auto show in Wuhan, Hubei province, asked little girls under 10 to dress in bikini and pose teasingly with automobiles, which immediately came under public [...]

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August 23, 2012One Comment

Pic of the day: Sculpture of erotic/filial pigs in Zhengzhou’s CBD

FAIL? Residents in Zhengzhou think the sculpture on the city’s landmark square, featuring a busty female pig lying on the ground and a male pig kneeling behind her, is “too raunchy”, whereas the sculptor says it is only a filial piglet giving his mother a slow-stroke back massage.

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February 16, 20122 Comments

Vice squad breaks into hotel room on Valentine’s night, busts ‘threesome’ and air it on TV

From Sina Weibo In the United States, it is invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress; in China, it is law enforcement and a moral lesson for the public. Local police of Huai’an, Jiangsu province raided upon a hotel on the night of Valentine’s day with a camera team, and found two women and [...]

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December 9, 2011One Comment

To enhance cleavage, C-list actress squeezes breasts so hard that blood veins show

From NetEase 23-year-old actress Liu Yuxin appeared in several TV dramas before, where she often had minor roles and bit parts. Then this year, she took a supporting role in Startled by Each Step, one of China’s hottest TV series.  Just as television viewers started to remember her face and name, her red-carpet look on [...]

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September 30, 20114 Comments

Chinese women spam Japanese photographer’s Weibo account with sexy photos

Yasumasa Yonehara is a Japanese photographer whose erotically charged work has put him at the forefront of contemporary Japanese photography. Young sexy women have always been the center of his focus. From sex scenes to portraits, clothed and unclothed of Yonehara’s models and lovers, his depictions of women are definitely beyond the pale for the [...]

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September 3, 2011One Comment

Video: Erotic novel adapted for ballet takes center stage in China, admitting adults only

From Wenxuecity Golden Lotus, (Chinese name: Jin Pin Mei 金瓶梅, literally The Plum in the Golden Vase) is an erotic novel written by Chinese author “The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling”, an obvious pseudonym, in late Ming Dynasty. For the past four centuries since it was born, it has been banned in China for its explicit [...]

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July 12, 20113 Comments

Picture of the day: Which part of a girl’s body do Chinese men like to check out the most?

As summer arrives, women are also getting hotter with their halter dresses, shorts and bikinis. The Lady Channel of Chinese portal NetEase has recently asked male netizens about where they eyes go on a female body. Here’s how the 65,907 men answered. Face: 6% “No matter how much effort you spend on powdering your face [...]

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April 17, 20119 Comments

Chinese job ad: Tea-leaf picking girls have to be virgins, C-cup and Up

From NetEase and Mop A job post on a job-hunting website based in Xinyang, a city in southern Henan province, said, “West Jiuhua Mountain scenic spot is hiring full-time tea-leaf pickers. A prospective employee has to be a woman with no sexual experience, has a bra size of at lease C, and has no scar [...]

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March 15, 20114 Comments

Picture of the day: standards set by Chinese women for finding a husband

    Three 180s: He must be as tall as 180 cm (nearly 6 feet), own a home as large as 180 square meters (roughly 1,940 square feet), and…um…180mm (7.08 inches), you know. Size matters.

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February 15, 20114 Comments

Vengeful Chinese wife spreads sex photos of hubby and mistress

From Haixia; Sina; NetEase A Chinese woman, who has just divorced her husband over extramarital affairs, attached dozens of uncensored sex pictures to an email intended for several high-tech businesses in Zhongguancun, or Beijing’s “Silicon Valley.” The pictures, which were later pixelized, have become viral over the internet, and the incident is dubbed “Little Three [...]

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February 12, 20116 Comments

Sexy chicks on the train: Spring Festival Rush themed photos in FHM offend many Chinese

Photos from the photographer Liu Jianan’s blog The following photos were shot for the Chinese version of FHM, or For Him Magazine. On the February issue, many of the photos were taken down by self-censors for fear of coming for controversy during Chinese New Year. Now the entire series has been released and circulated online. [...]

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February 1, 20112 Comments

Condom highly sought after as gift for Chinese New Year

From New Express Daily Right before Chinese New Year, a.k.a Spring Festival (tomorrow), shopping centers and supermarkets have geared up for people’s shopping spree. Condoms have been lined up alongside with other merchandise, such as health products and electric appliances, as red-hot New Year gifts and have found their way into people’s shopping carts. Some [...]

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January 5, 201119 Comments

First Chinese sex-negative website launched, bashing gays and masturbation among others

Recently, a non-governmental website that boldly campaigns against eroticism as well as homosexuality and masturbation has been launched in Shijiazhuang, and quickly received a massive number of hits. Over half of those who volunteered to build the site are women. They say their purpose is to educate people using their own experiences on harms [...]

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