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June 14, 20129 Comments

“Grandpa Wen, I want to go to school!”

Pictures from Weibo users reported the demonstration at the entrance of Fengtai District Education Commission in Beijing by elementary school age kids who are not eligible because they don’t have Beijing hukou. The signs run, “I want to go to school.” Their parents are migrant workers from outside Beijing. The municipal government’s attack last [...]

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March 25, 20124 Comments

Post-1970s, Post-1980s, Post-1990s –  The enhanced Chinese generation gap

Note: Gil Hizi is Ministry of Tofu’s contributor. He is also the chief editor of website Thinking Chinese. China is giving great attention to the sharp differences between the 70hou (Post-1970s, Chinese born between 1970 and 1979), 80hou (Post-1980s, Chinese born between 1980 and 1989) and 90hou (Post-1990s, Chinese born between 1990 and 1999), as [...]

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February 15, 2012One Comment

Picture of the day: A rigidly stratified Chinese society

A vivid portrayal of the Chinese society: The upper class is doing the splits (slang for two-timing); the middle class is being brainwashed; the lower class is awaiting their doom. (Picked from Sina Weibo)

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December 30, 20114 Comments

Migrant worker offering bus seat gets insulted, triggers clamor for more respect for peasants

From Modern Express and Sina Weibo A young peasant-turned migrant worker gave up his bus seat to a woman with a little child. His well-meant offer was abruptly rejected by the woman, who claimed his seat was “too dirty,” and took it out on her child desiring the seat. The post, recounted by a witness, [...]

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November 18, 2011One Comment

Photos: China’s "Rooftop Elementary School” hangs on for 12 years

From QQ This is an elementary school for children of migrant workers living in Wuhan, the largest and most prosperous city in Central China. It rents a residential building in a run-down neighborhood to house its students. Its rooftop, on which tenants used to hang washed laundry to dry, now serves as children’s playground, where [...]

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September 13, 20119 Comments

Photos: Empty chairs become the pain of rural China, especially on Mid-Autumn Day

From Xinhua Due to the massive urbanization process, the traditional pattern of agrarian life in which men farm and women engage in the weaving and spinning has been tweaked in many rural regions in China. However, restrictions and discriminatory policies on family register (hukou) system, housing, education and other social security have rendered it very difficult for [...]

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June 8, 20113 Comments

Migrant worker is hamstrung for demanding due wages; massive violent conflict ensues

It was started by a hideous act of violence on a migrant worker. On June 1, 18-year-old worker Xiong Hanjiang from Sichuan province went with his parents to Huayi Porcelain Factory in the town Guxiang, Chaozhou city in southern Guangzhou province and asked the employer for his past due wages. During the process, Xiong Hanjiang [...]

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May 13, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Migrant worker climbs on crane, strips off pants to get wages

The problem of wage arrears is endemic in construction sites and factories across China. A report from the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reveals that by the end of 2008, there was a total of 225.42 million migrant workers in China, and about 5.8% of them did not get all due wages before the Chinese New [...]

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April 26, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Chinese rich and poor exchange glances

A migrant worker from a rural region pulling a wooden cart was gazing at a man driving a convertible Beetle when the car owner also turned his head and looked back at the worker. (Picked from MOP)

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April 19, 20118 Comments

Photos: China’s absurd and dangerous footpaths for the blind; the disabled face barriers

Yu Jianrong, a famous human rights activist and sociologist, who campaigned against abducted children exploited as beggars earlier this year, made another appeal on April 15 to microblog users: Take pictures of faulty footpaths for the blind and upload them to a public page. The purpose is to pick ten most hideous “blind lanes” and [...]

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January 2, 20113 Comments

Chinese village full of New Yorkers: a story of illegal emigration

From Nanfang Daily The decline of Caozhu Village is at the same pace with that of many rural villages in China. What’s different is, here, desolateness is caused by affluence instead of poverty. People have left waves after waves for their American dream. Their pursuit of happiness leads to a faraway city that has a 13-hour [...]

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December 6, 20103 Comments

Chinese on the Train: photojournalism that documents all walks of life

Wang Fuchun was born in 1943. He is a freelance photographer within the railway system. After graduating from the School for Engine Drivers early on, he worked as a train technician and therefore has a special attachment to the railroads. After photography became his career, he still makes sure railroads and trains are in his [...]

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November 25, 20102 Comments

Adult video bridges the chasm between Japan and China – on porn and sex ed in China (Final Part)

Part One of the Series A mentor Chinese netizens half-jokingly called Sora Aoi “An enlightening teacher to the youth.” In a sense, many Japanese porn stars do play an important role in sex education where China lags far behind. China has a sexually suppressive culture. Even today, many people consider talking about sex risque. Older [...]

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November 17, 2010No Comments

China’s census gives rise to paternity test, distrust; netizens’ comments and our thoughts

Original article here China’s census at the beginning of the month fueled a boom in paternity test. According to the Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, since October, they have given 260 paternity tests because of on account of requirement by family register, a surge comapred with three to five tests every month on average. Tai Yunchun, [...]

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