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November 19, 2012One Comment

5 homeless children in SW China die from hiding in trash bin to get warm

From NetEase and Sina Five boys were found dead inside roadside waste bins in Bijie, southwestern China’s Guizhou province, on the morning of November 16. Police investigation is under way. So far, the five boys have not been identified, but the preliminary result shows the boys may have been killed by CO gas poisoning after [...]

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March 6, 20124 Comments

Chinese city sets up baby hatch to tackle child abandonment

From NetEase To shield foundlings from harm and threats in the wilderness where they are usually abandoned and increase their chance of survival, an orphanage in Shijiazhuang, North China’s Hebei province set up a baby hatch last June as a temporary shelter to allow parents to drop off unwanted infants, which has drawn controversy from [...]

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September 16, 20112 Comments

Chinese veterans lose war on poverty despite winning battles

A veteran wearing dozens of medals and insignias was spotted begging on the street, according to a web post on MOP, a popular Chinese discussion forum, provoking another wave of public criticism over the country’s mistreatment of those who went through fire and water and made huge sacrifices for the territorial integrity of the land [...]

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September 13, 20119 Comments

Photos: Empty chairs become the pain of rural China, especially on Mid-Autumn Day

From Xinhua Due to the massive urbanization process, the traditional pattern of agrarian life in which men farm and women engage in the weaving and spinning has been tweaked in many rural regions in China. However, restrictions and discriminatory policies on family register (hukou) system, housing, education and other social security have rendered it very difficult for [...]

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March 10, 2011One Comment

Outspoken TV personality deemed Chinese favorite representative during “Two Sessions”

Cui Yongyuan seems to be one of the very few real people’s representatives who haven’t been losing contact with the grass roots amidst China’s political gatherings. Most Chinese know that the annual “two sessions,” or “two meetings,” are just a show put up by wheelers and dealers that is unlikely to bear any substantial fruit [...]

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November 22, 20103 Comments

100-year-old ragpicking granny on the tramp for decades, homeless and childless; netizens’ comments

From At noon on November 17, 2010, an old woman walking on South Wenchang Road in Guiyang with heavy waste paper cartons on her back. It captured the eyes of passers-by including me. “Granny, you are not young, and you carry things so heavy?” The old woman didn’t reply right way. Instread, she took [...]

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