April 27, 20122 Comments

Help yourself China – The rise of self-help culture and its unique Chinese features

Note: Gil Hizi is Ministry of Tofu’s contributor. He is also the chief editor of website Thinking Chinese. In the last few decades, self-help culture, in the form of advice books, accessible knowledge and popularized expertise is blooming in the Western world as well as in many developing countries. China is no exception. Commercialized medicine, [...]

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October 26, 20112 Comments

Photos: Life of Chen Xianmei, woman who helped Yue Yue the run-over toddler, disturbed by media circus, propaganda

From NetEase She lived in peace and obscurity in the southern city of Foshan with her son, her daughter-in-law and her grandson. She worked as a part-time housekeeping maid during the day, cooked for employees at her son’s hardware store at noon, and went out to collect trash in the evening and sell it to [...]

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October 17, 20114 Comments

2-year-old run over by two vehicles, ignored by 18 passers-by, riling up public opinion

At 5:26 p.m. on October 13, a van knocked down and ran over a 2-year-old girl in a hardware market in Foshan, Guangdong province in a hit-and-run. Then a truck ran over her and fled. During the seven minutes following the first accident, 18 people brushed aside the little girl lying on the ground as [...]

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