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August 1, 20128 Comments

IKEA stores, a wonderland for Chinese freeloaders

From Sina Weibo, Shanghai Morning Post Taking a nap, freeloading on air-conditioning, sipping free coffee, and organizing a speed dating event…It seems that quite a number of Chinese go to IKEA stores for anything but furniture shopping. A net user named @薇薇诺诺2661317325 posted on Sina Weibo, China’s hugely popular microblogging service, a series of photos [...]

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August 29, 2011One Comment

Photos: Poolside speed dating requires participants to dress in swimwear

A speed dating party was thrown in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province in China’s southwest. However, the organizer has a specific dress code for participating men and women: wear a swimming suit and be “undisguised” with one another. All men changed into swim shorts right away. In contrast, only four women changed into [...]

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March 30, 20119 Comments

Harvard graduate preaches giving back to society on popular Chinese dating show

A young man from the United States named An Tian (安田) has inspired a country whose citizens are not typical generous givers, after he proclaimed on TV his ideal of ‘serving the people.’ Holding Bachelor’s from Harvard University, Master’s from Oxford University and a doctorate from University of California, Berkley in agricultural business, 28-year-old An [...]

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February 11, 20114 Comments

New custom of Chinese New Year: marriage-forcing

Jing: During Chinese New Year, the most often heard question for Chinese young people: “Are you dating someone now?” The most often heard New Year’s wish: “Wish you could bring a date home next Chinese New Year.” The most often heard news from relatives: “Look, *** has a date now.” Families’ marriage-forcing (bi hun, 逼婚) [...]

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November 27, 201012 Comments

Material greed of Chinese women turns Chinese men off; Western women become popular

Li Lei published on the Web an article titled “Chinese men love Western women,” asking Western women living in Beijing if they are willing to foster a long-term and serious relationship with a Chinese man. By long-term and serious relationship, he means marriage. In China, there are way fewer Chinese men marrying Western women than Chinese [...]

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