November 30, 20126 Comments

Three young Chinese in a row die from running. Sick Men of Asia?

Ding Xiqiao, 25, registered for the 5,000-meter race at Guangzhou Marathon 2012 with nearly 200 of his coworkers at a real estate agency, hoping to challenge himself. However, on the morning of November 18, soon after he started to exert all his strength for the final 800 meters, he fainted 300 meters away from the [...]

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August 2, 201212 Comments

After Int’l Accusations of Swimmer Ye Shiwen, Guardian Readers Request Apology to Her

Readers of the Guardian Newspaper in the UK have expressed their desire on an online poll to see an apology from John Leonard, the American swimming coach, following his allegations that the performance of the Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, were ‘unbelievable’ and ‘disturbing’. An overwhelming 98% of netizens who visited the site stated that they [...]

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August 1, 20124 Comments

Chinese badminton players throw game to avoid faceoff with compatriots; netizens approve (updated)

Update: The Badminton World Federation disqualified eight players (two from China, four from South Korea and two from Indonesia) on charges of match-fixing. China accepts the decision. South Korea and Indonesia both appealed before South Korea’s appeal was rejected and Indonesia withdrew its appeal. (Sina News) In the last match between China and South Korea, [...]

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July 20, 20123 Comments

Photos: Chinese kids on the trampoline

From NetEase In 2008, He Wenna won the first Olympic trampoline gold medal for China. Within the next few years, this previously unpopular sport has been elevated to be another priority and potentially medal-rich discipline of China. Under China’s state-supported sports system, batch after batch of preschool-age children are being sent onto the path that [...]

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November 1, 20114 Comments

Costumey and cartoonish high school sports events

Chinese students may not be as athletic as their international peers, but they are definitely good at staging opening ceremonies of artistic sophistication comparable to Olympics and amusing themselves. (Read Chinese youth soccer’s crushing defeat to Russians) The following pictures were taken at sports events organized by high schools in the southern city of Hangzhou, [...]

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October 27, 20114 Comments

China stung by its youth soccer fiasco, given huge height advantage over Russian preteens

From Caixun and NetEase A “friendship match” in Beijing between youth soccer teams from China and Russia on Monday, October 24, ended with China suffering a crushing 0 to 15 defeat to Russia. Most galling is the fact that, the visiting team, composed of Russian children born after 2000, did not even seem to get fair [...]

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April 19, 2011One Comment

Corporal punishment and bullying rampant in Chinese sports teams

From Youth Daily The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has decided to temporarily suspend Fan Bin, the head coach of China’s Under-19 national basketball team, following claims by players that they have been subjected to intolerable abuse. Thirteen national junior players signed on a letter to the Chinese basketball association, asking for Fan’s stepdown, Guangzhou Daily [...]

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December 25, 20107 Comments

African soccer fans mistake Japanese referee as Chinese, smash Chinese-owned stores; Chinese netizens reactions

After a DP Congolese soccer club lost in the Club World Cup in Lubumbashi, a city in DP Congo where the club is based, local soccer fans angered by the referee’s decisions took to the streets and smashed and looted businesses run by Chinese, because they mistook the Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura as Chinese. If [...]

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November 21, 2010No Comments

At the Asian Games, Chinese reflect on and debate what gold count means

On the first day of the Asian Games, the host country China claimed 19 of 28 golds. In the following days, China won so many golds that Chinese netizens joked the awarding ceremony is Chinese national anthem set on repeat playback mode. A Chinese journalist wrote an article asking the nation to refrain from celebration [...]

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November 14, 2010No Comments

China’s Paul the Octopus – 12 pandas as fortune tellers for the Asian Games, with a gimmick though

From Soon after the first gold medal was given out, panda Brother Bosi has become the first panda to successfully predict the winner of the Asian Games gold medal. According to the schedule of games, the very first medal of the Asian Games is most likely to be generated by wushu, or Chinese martial [...]

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