July 15, 20124 Comments

Chinese teenage girl driven to anorexia by academic stress

From QQ A girl lost about 60 pounds within a year and at one point weighed only 75 pounds, after she fared far worse than usual on a single entrance exam, which let both herself and her father terribly down. She is still being treated for her eating disorder at a local hospital and hooked [...]

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May 6, 201228 Comments

Photo: An entire class of high school students receive IV drips while cramming for exams

Photos of high school graduating senior students given intravenous drips in class have become viral on Sina Weibo. Within hours since they were uploaded yesterday morning, they had been shared by tens of thousands of Weibo users. The original uploader, “CHImushroom”, is a senior student at a high school in Xiaogan, central China’s Hubei province. [...]

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April 20, 20123 Comments

80% of students can ‘do anything’ for China, while near half wish they were born elsewhere

From China Youth Daily 90.2% of Chinese high school students say they are proud to be Chinese; 80.7% reply, “If my country (China) is in crisis, I am willing to do anything for my country.” China, among all four countries that participated in this poll, has the highest percentage of nationalists, a recent survey found. [...]

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April 9, 20122 Comments

Photos: High school students burn books to protest excessive school fees

From NetEase Senior students at a boarding school in Jingshan, Hubei province tore up and set fire to tons of books Thursday to express their outrage after they were told to pay 700 yuan (US$111) as educational charges. The accusation was soon echoed by junior students, who assembled in the middle of the evening study [...]

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November 1, 20114 Comments

Costumey and cartoonish high school sports events

Chinese students may not be as athletic as their international peers, but they are definitely good at staging opening ceremonies of artistic sophistication comparable to Olympics and amusing themselves. (Read Chinese youth soccer’s crushing defeat to Russians) The following pictures were taken at sports events organized by high schools in the southern city of Hangzhou, [...]

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August 31, 20114 Comments

Photos: People’s Education Army– A glimpse at Beijing’s high school students

Photos and English captions by Beijing-based photographer Shiho Fukuda. (Picked from Fast Company) During recess, students at the Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University–like their counterparts across the nation–gather in the courtyard to do eye exercises. This exercise is meant to aid their vision. Sophie Bai Yang, a senior at a Beijing high school, [...]

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May 17, 20117 Comments

Pictures of high school students in 80s make Chinese nostalgic for past, cynical about present

A series of photos taken back in the 1980s by Chinese photographer Ren Shulin (任曙林) of junior high and high school students were put on display in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, a thriving artists’ community similar to New York City’s Soho some time ago. NetEase posted these photos on its website. China in the 1980s [...]

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March 7, 2011No Comments

Photos: China’s million-dollar funeral

From Xinhua and NetEase On March 4, 2011, a grandiose funeral was held by six business tycoons in Wenling, China’s eastern Zhejiang Province for their deceased mother. The funeral procession consisted of nine Lincoln stretch limousines, thousand-people orchestra, and 16 pieces of artillery to fire salvos. The total cost of the funeral was over 5 [...]

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