December 4, 2015No Comments

Alipay launches “I got sued for helping a senior citizen” insurance

Good Samaritan Laws in China When I first arrived in China from Canada, one of the first pieces of advice I was given by my local friends was to never help anyone on the bus or on the streets, even if they were injured. I was informed of several high profile cases in the news [...]

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November 13, 2012No Comments

Pic of the day: Backlog of packages engulfs delivery company

China’s package delivery industry feels the impact of the country’s online shopping spree. User @梁大大大豪 reported on Sina Weibo, a popular social media site similar to Twitter and Facebook, “This is what Shentong (Note: a Chinese package-delivery company) across the street looked like when I arrived at my company in the morning. They say it started handling packages at [...]

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September 7, 20127 Comments

Chinese woman faces 11 years in jail for sneaking cosmetics from abroad; netizens cry foul

From Sina Weibo, Jinghua Daily A 30-year-old Chinese woman was sentenced to 11-year-imprisonment and fined half a million Chinese yuan (US$78,100) for evading more than one million yuan in customs duty on foreign beauty products brought from South Korea. Her boyfriend, regarded as her accomplice, received a 5-year jail sentence and was ordered to pay [...]

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January 20, 20122 Comments

Photos: Upcoming Chinese New Year creates backlogs for courier companies

From Sohu and NetEase If you are an online shopper in the United States, you must be very familiar with the phrase “Order before 12/23…Guaranteed Christmas delivery” advertised by most U.S. online retailers. But in China, last-minute shopping for the Spring Festival is a no-no. On the hugely popular e-shopping website Taobao, act at least [...]

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September 30, 20114 Comments

Daughter of Chinese official bent on proving her designer handbags are knock-offs to quash public rage

From Xinhua and Southern Metropolitan Weekly A user “Little Xixi Xi” achieved a certain notoriety and triggered the powerful human flesh search engine on Sina Weibo, after she posted a photo of herself carrying a Louis Vuitton bag on one hand, and a Hermes Birkin bag on the other. Flaunting wealth is tantamount to playing [...]

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April 4, 2011One Comment

Deceased Chinese can only rest in peace for 20 years; cemetery policy questioned before Tomb-sweeping Day

Some Chinese have been informed by cemeteries that the usage right of graves where their families were buried is due to expire, and if they want to keep the deceased in place, they must pay management fees. If not, they will dig up the ashes, put it aside, and reuse the graves.

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March 26, 2011No Comments

Video: Cybersex sold by hour on China’s biggest online shopping site

From NetEase and Youku, China’s biggest online shopping and auction site, is found to have been used as a platform for making secret deals over sex webcast. If you key in Chinese phrases for “selling spare time,” “conversation companion,” “beauty” or “service” in the search bar on Taobao, you will find dozens of online [...]

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