June 6, 20133 Comments

Video of chengguan bully beating and stomping on victim angers Chinese

A video of five chengguan (city management) officers manhandling bicycle vendors has shocked and outraged Chinese netizens, bringing the age-old topic of highly abusive chengguan force back into spotlight. In the video, a man was knocked down onto the ground by the five chengguan officers in uniform in a violent brawl. One officer then jumped [...]

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September 16, 20129 Comments

On Weibo, Japanophobic mobsters are far from the majority

By Sunday, September 16, hundreds of thousands of Chinese in 85 cities had participated in the two-day anti-Japanese street protests, according to Japan’s Kyodo News, many of which ended on a hideous note, with properties that are made in Japan or sound Japanese-owned smashed, ransacked and burnt down by mobsters. Photos and footage of the monstrosity on [...]

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September 15, 201214 Comments

Chinese businesses, car owners play nationalist card to appeal to Japan haters and avoid violence

Photos from Sina Weibo and NetEase The Sino-Japanese relations have come to a complete frost after Tokyo’s recent announcement of its intent to nationalize the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands which are currently administered by Japan but claimed by China. Chinese’ century-old resentment against Japan has flared up once again. In addition to protests and clamor that filled [...]

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February 23, 20123 Comments

Video: 8-year-old goes hysterical after seeing his mother beaten by chengguan

A video clip has been circulating on Chinese internet, in which a woman has blood all over her face after she was beaten by a law enforcer. Her son lost control at the sight and kept screaming and wailing for about a minute while thumping and pushing a table. Original video on Youku The chengguan [...]

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July 29, 20116 Comments

Video: Chinese teacher repeatedly pushes, pulls and slaps her adolescent student

A video taken in a classroom of a teacher using violence against her student was uploaded to Chinese portal IFENG and soon drew fire over the teacher’s conduct. The conversation between the teacher and the student was very indistinct because of poor recording device. However, the conflict probably stems from the student playing with her [...]

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July 26, 20119 Comments

Chinese parapolice kill handicapped street vendor in daylight, use brutal violence against spectators

The violent enforcement took place at 1:43 p.m. on July 26 in Anshui, southwestern Guizhou province. The street vendor who sold fruit was a disabled man hobbling along on a crutch while pulling a cart. Information from MOP and Sina Microblog provided by netizens said the murderers were two men and one woman from a [...]

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July 21, 2011One Comment

Picture of the day: Street vendors strip off pants of parapolice chengguan officer

On the afternoon of July 16, a chengguan officer surnamed Han was besieged by street vendors in Wuhan, Hubei province, given a beating and stripped off of pants. The job of the city management “chengguan” forces in China is to regulate street vendors and outlaw those without a license or permit. Chengguan in China are [...]

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July 12, 20117 Comments

Video: 7-year-old Chinese girl uses violence against cousin, cheered by father

(From Recently, a video of a 7-year-old girl bullying her cousin of the same age has become viral on Chinese internet. The girl’s father, who is the brother of the little boy’s mother, stood aside and cheered the girl, who had clearly gained the upper hand, while videotaping the entire episode. The girl, emboldened [...]

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June 10, 2011One Comment

Picture: Nose of CCTV female reporter chopped off by stranger

From Beijing Morning News Yesterday afternoon, a microblog post published by a user named @dad胡嘉海 (“dad Hu Jiahai”) caused quite a stir on Chinese internet, “Shocked: at around 1 p.m. today at the east gate of the headquarters of China Central Television, a woman went outside from the TV station. A man came over and [...]

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June 8, 20113 Comments

Migrant worker is hamstrung for demanding due wages; massive violent conflict ensues

It was started by a hideous act of violence on a migrant worker. On June 1, 18-year-old worker Xiong Hanjiang from Sichuan province went with his parents to Huayi Porcelain Factory in the town Guxiang, Chaozhou city in southern Guangzhou province and asked the employer for his past due wages. During the process, Xiong Hanjiang [...]

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