June 25, 2013No Comments

Big slumber party on Chinese campus

Temperatures in half of China hit 35 Celsius (95 F). In Wuhan, one of the three ‘hot pots’ along the Yangtze River, temperature soared to as high as 39 C, and it is humid as hell. Chinese college dorms, which are mostly AC-less, are the worst-hit. Having no AC at their dorms, students at Wuhan-based [...]

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February 12, 20124 Comments

2 swans, among other migratory birds, killed by poison and traps

From Sina and NetEase Bodies of 52 birds, including two white swans, a Class II protected species in China, were discovered near a small swamp called “Swan Lake” at a wetland in central China’s Hubei province. Boquan Wetland near the city of Wuhan become the stopover site for many migratory birds species. However, poachers near the region [...]

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May 3, 20117 Comments

A Cuckoo’s Nest that no one can fly over – Chinese petitioner locked up again 8 days after escape

From Southern Metropolis Daily and Tianya Xu Wu, once an employee of a steel company in Wuhan, capital city of central Hubei province, had been petitioning in Beijing trying and failing to get justice on a financial dispute between himself and his company was forcibly admitted to a mental hospital and mistreated for four years. [...]

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March 23, 2011No Comments

Picture of the day: Watch out for incivility

From now on, Wuhan is going to expose 10 residents “who have such bad habits” each week.

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